JennyAppleHead/Crocstimpy Videos

The Event: A chance to perform “Drill” with the actual dancers from Michael Jackson’s This Is It and meet Michael Jackson’s choreographers!

The videographer:  The wonderful, beautiful, Michael-scented Ms. JennyAppleHead (aka Crocstimpy on YouTube)!! *round of applause*

Ok so Jenny took some video… raw… unedited video to share her experiences with us!  Thank you Jenny!

Let’s see if we find anything…. hmmm….. interesting…


Thank you for coming out and supporting Michael Jackson – how do you support a dead person?

Two dancers are Canadian!  Woot Woot!  Canadian representation!  I’m jus sayin’ 🙂

They ARE very important people in Michael Jackson’s life.  Not WERE… ARE!


There to support the memory of <Michael> – hmmm… well that could go either way… I could say uh oh memory… he’s dead or memory… of someone who has left or gone away.


He speaks all in past tense… hmmm… not good.  But then again if this is an ARG (and I believe it is) then anything can be said and it’s just part of a role to play. 🙂


He starts talking about the dancing inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center and mentions Shawshank Redemption….

doo doo doo doo… let’s go back… way back… to Stranger in Moscow…

Nice message there too:  Fear can hold you prisoner, Hope can set you free!  Interesting connection.

Another interesting connection is found within the history of the exercise program that Mr. Byron Garcia implemented.  The first song that Mr. Garcia had his inmates exercise to was… dun dun dun… a Pink Floyd song.  Pink Floyd… Pink Floyd… where have we heard that before?

Moving on…

He said Michael “passed” not died… but a lot of people use this so… I don’t really count this.

They shot it on MLK birthday?  Cool. 😉

Ok Michael and K.O. mention that MJ was the best boss because he wanted things to be bigger, better, never done before.  Well safe to say an ARG of this magnitude has never been done before!

As for “The Drill” there are 1500 inmates that know the drill, there are people in LA and NY that know the Drill.  We have got to get more people from all over the world doing the drill so it will be absolutely massive the amount of people doing it at the same time.

They ask what did they want to leave the fans with… Kenny says, the WHY.  Why MJ would go out and do this in this time in his life.  So we’ve discussed this before but it’s worth mentioning again.  Let’s not get caught up in the hoax itself.  We need to remember the purpose, the mission, the why.

MJ wanted to tour the world!!!!!!  Is this what we have to look forward to?  He wanted to do all the continents.  We need to have “drillers” on every continent!!!

He was going to give up live performance and seriously get into film making particularly a full length 3D Thriller and Smooth Criminal.  HAHAHAHAHA Ok I believe this is EXACTLY what he’s doing RIGHT NOW! He is directing and we are the actors, dancers, backup dancers, singers… 🙂

The takeaway:

Travis:  Michael Jackson was the truth. What you saw is what you got.  Would tell you what he thought. Loving.  Not a pushover.  Fearless.  Surrounded self with people who would challenge his ideas.

Kenny:   If you can’t do it with LOVE take it out of the room.

And I think that is a great thought to leave you all with.



~ by lilwendy on January 27, 2010.

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  1. WoW! Really great post! Thanks! : )

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