Thisisalsoit Twitter – This is Not a Game

Well thisisalsoit on Twitter posted this pic today

And at first I thought…uh oh… somebody thinks that my previous post was saying that I think this is all a game.

So just in case, I just wanted to be clear on what I am saying here.  I am not saying that I think that this is all for a marketing ploy only.  I believe that MJ was in danger, or being exploited, I truly believe that.  I think that MJ needed a way to break the spiral of insanity going on regarding his life, the public’s opinion of him, and the way the media was absolutely gang raping him.  That’s right!  That’s how I see it!  Gang rape!

Being the absolute creative genius that he is, he knew that he couldn’t just come out and say “ok people this is the way the music industry really is and this is the way the media as a whole works or and by the way this is the way our government works oh and it doesn’t stop there this is the way the world works and they’ve violated me in a way I can’t even begin to explain for years and you all are fast asleep not even realizing that you are victims of mass manipulation… WAKE UP!”  Oh yeah, that would have gone over fabulously! I can see it now…  “Wacko Jacko strikes again!” “The King of Pop-per is off his rocker”

No he had to have us experience the lesson in order to truly educate us.

Enter the world of Alternate Reality Games.  He, and I’m sure a team of many others, devised a way a bring us into their world.  To lead us, yes manipulate us into seeing what they want us to see.  Only difference is that the government uses these tactics for harm and control… and MJ… it’s all for L.O.V.E.

The ARG is the tool, the means by which to expose to us our reality.  To help us see the Matrix.

And why not cash in on the whole deal at the same time… get out of debt… provide great music and movies for the fans.  Enter This is It.  But then again, if the publics opinion is still negative there is no guarantee that they will buy.  MJ MUST DIE!  This will allow us to talk about all the great things he did.  The public will feel a sense of loss and will want to know the man they never knew.  They will seek to get their hands on what is now an appreciating commodity.  Every bit of memorabilia, music, video footage, clippings, you name it, will increase in value because the supply has been halted.  The creator is no longer! Yes!  Everyone knows once an artist dies their art value goes up.

And why not bring in the whole family into this matter?  Let’s get the brothers back on the map.  Let’s reignite the family legacy!

Then we can implement the campaign to clear his name.  Family members and friends can behind the scenes work on every crazy story ever told, every bit of slander, every accusation, and show it for what it really was…LIES AND MEDIA MANIPULATION!!!! (Flip! This boils my blood!) They will talk about all the humanitarian efforts we saw MJ take part in and the many many more that he did quietly behind the scenes without fanfare or want of recognition.  Just doing it because that’s what his heart told him to do and that’s what his God commanded him to do.  Love God and love one another.

So by no means do I think this is just a game.

Then I decided to look up the book and this is what it is about –

From Publishers Weekly

Starred Review. Williams (The Rift) weaves intriguing questions about games, gamers and their relationships with real life into this well-paced near-future thriller. Game designer Dagmar specializes in creating alternate reality games that muddle the line between fantasy and reality. Trapped in riot-torn Jakarta, she reaches out to the gamer community for help. Once back in Los Angeles, Dagmar is caught up in a web of murders and financial manipulation that she begins to blend into her latest game, using the community of players to solve clues and sift through large amounts of data. The line between real life and the game blurs as the action builds to a satisfying and thoughtful conclusion. Though the technology talk occasionally becomes intrusive, it’s convincingly written; the characters are realistic and absorbing, and the story deeply compelling. (Mar.)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Wow! Need I say anything else!!!! So the question is what is real and what is not? Who is real and who is not?  Oh yeah people GAME ON!!!!


~ by lilwendy on January 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “Thisisalsoit Twitter – This is Not a Game”

  1. Could you tell me where is TIAI twitter? Can’t find it! Thanks!

  2. You are so very wrong about this

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