Only 7 more days and I will be in Labadee, Haiti.  I am really torn as I will be arriving on a luxury cruiseliner and I don’t know what to expect when I arrive.

Will there be devastation right there or will it still be touristy?  Will I feel badly because I can only help for a few hours?

I just can’t imagine being right there and not doing anything! I want to help so badly but I’m only there for 8 hours so time is of the essence.  I’m going to be on the Royal Caribbean cruise lines and they are apparently bringing supplies and water to Labadee with every arrival there.  So I’m going to beg if maybe I can help unload and/or deliver supplies.  My dream would be to hook up a ride from the ship to an orphanage and just coddle and hold babies that need love in such a scary time.  Maybe help feed the kids… I don’t know.

I’ve NEVER had an opportunity like this and it’s been a dream of mine!

Have any of you ever gone to Haiti?  On mission trips?  Care to share your experiences?


~ by lilwendy on January 26, 2010.

8 Responses to “Haiti”

  1. I found something else I am checking into heres the link for those interested maybe we could get a group going? http://www.volunteerabroad.com/listingsp3.cfm/listing74591

  2. Hi lilwendy I know how you feel I would love to do something too I am looking here http://www.unv.org/how-to-volunteer.html I am seriously thinking about it I am from Canada too Ontario actually let me know what you think? Safety is a concearn but I want to help.

  3. sorry, but you will not be able to do any of these things. the ship will be unloading goods with forklifts, etc. and will not let you anywhere near the area.

    Going to Labadee and saying you’ve been to Haiti is like going to Epcot and saying you have toured the world.

    Labadee is a beach resort, surrounded by barbed wire. You cannot get out and even if you could the roads are not good and you could not get to where you want to go and back in time.

    The location is so untennable, Royal Caribbean does not even sell excursions outside of their own wired community – and you know they would to make money, if they could.

    so go, enjoy the beach, tip the chair guy (native haitian) well and buy something at the artist’s market without haggling over price and get back on the ship.

  4. Oh okay, thanks!

  5. I have never done that before but I’m curious, how did you get involved with a mission trip? I didn’t even know they were taking volunteers for that.

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