MJ Awakening Final Message!

In the wee hours of January 25, 2010, mjawakening left a final announcement for all of us:

On January 25th 2010 at exactly 02:26 p.m. PT you will receive one final MESSAGE
Get ready for the MISSION of your lifetime
This is a great adventure
Don’t be scared
There is nothing to be scared of

And here we are at 2:26pm this was the message that was delivered:



January 25th, 2010

7 months ago we went to sleep. Today is the day we wake up.

Today is the day we stop beLIEving and we start beLOVEing.

There is a message that needs to be spread and the message is L.O.V.E.

For one man, 50 concerts were not enough. 500, 5000, 50000, 500000 wouldn’t have been enough.

So this is the day we stop being the audience and we become the show.

This is the day we become the choreographer, the backup dancers, the backup singers, the band, the crew, the stage manager, the lights, the music, the dance….

This is the day we become HIM

THIS IS IT. This is OUR show.

HE is inside each and every single one of us. Inspiring us, giving us his talents, sharing his L.O.V.E. so we can spread his message in every corner of this PLANET.

HE is the source. L.O.V.E. is the message. WE are the messengers. Let’s Stay United Now to SPREAD it around.

As for HIM? For the first time in his life, he is sitting back enjoying the show.



Dear God!  I’m am going to have a nervous breakdown!  So it’s up to us?  What are we gonna do?

Well whatever it is… enjoy the show Michael!


~ by lilwendy on January 25, 2010.

20 Responses to “MJ Awakening Final Message!”

  1. “Naku penda piya

    Naku taka piya




  2. michael je suis la depuis mes premiers jours sur terre et je le serais pour toujours je t aime plus que tout au monde et toute ma vie mon seul et unique reve c est de pouvoir te prendre dans mes bras enfant je voulait que tu soit mon papa et je voudrait etre au pres de toi je t aime infiniment jehovah ta envoier tu as reussi ta mission et il doit etre fier de toi t le meilleur ce jehovah te protege je t aime pour toujours tu est toute ma vie jespere te dire un jour que je t aime et passe du temp avec toi je taime je t aime je t aime

  3. et encore une chose , les gens qui t’aiment si multiplies de jour en jour , c’est magnifique de voir tout cette amour que tu as envoyer a tout ces gens , et merci pour cette nouvelle famille qu’ont ces tous trouver , les BELIEVERS !!! absolument merveilleux , je crois en toi comme toujours et pour le spectacle , felicitation ces absolument GEANT ! TU EST LE MEILLEUR JE T’AIME FORT mon ange de lumiere , jehovah ta choisi pour passer un message sur terre , j’en suis convaincu , est tu le fait a merveille love

  4. je t’aime , je t’aime , je t’aime michael , mon etoiles *

  5. MICHAEL j’ai toujours etait avec toi , je suis avec toi et je serais toujours avec toi !!!! tu fait parti de ma vie , de ma famille comment pourrais-je t’abandonner ?!!! je sais depuis longtemp ke jehovah te protege , tu est pour moi un de ces plus beau messager , j’essaie d’en faire de meme !!! mon reve depuis ma plus tendre enfance est de te serrer dans mes bras et de pouvoir echanger tellement de choses avec toi , mais je suis en france et je n’est malheureusement jamais eu la chance de pouvoir , au minimum aller a un de tes concerts , maman ne pouvais pas se le permettre pourtant ces sont reve le plus grand aussi ainsi que ma petite soeur , michael ont est la pour toi , pour toujours . que dieu te benisse et qu’il te protege , tu est mon etoiles qui ne cesseras jamais de briller dans mon coeur . pour toi michael je t’aime tellement fort LOVE et keep the faith

  6. Dear, Michael
    i love you so much, you ‘ve changed my life.
    I believe in you and whatever you decide to do… i’m with you.
    Sorry for my bad english. I’m italian.
    I’m waiting for you, always.

  7. bueno mi amor quiero que sepas pase lo que pase nosotros siempre estaremos contigo sigo aqui para ti y mi amor te amo por siempre

  8. Michael you are a genius! You have awakened! This is a great show on Earth!
    You made us think .. We will send out love, I love you very much! Come back soon. We are waiting for you!
    It’s all for the love ..

  9. Hello daer Michael!..
    I very pleased that can write you, but else strong pleased in that that you can read my message. Excuse me, I not much well know the english so you will find here heap mistake. I wrote already on one site, but me nobody has not answered although I and much powerfully waited…. Nodeyusi that this time I get;receive answer….
    I very pleased that you reaped! And hope that sound! You not even present what this happiness, know that there is person to whom it is necessary your love….. I thank you for all, you has changed my life, due to you I have found close me people in internet, which help me, supported me in any situations….Due to you, people from the other countries and city communicate with each other.
    You – an angel, I much want that you was happy!… And I ready to do all for this… You only say, finally you not alone, we always with you… Will Simply open us its heart and we shall help you, shall always come on help… I love you!…I understand that millions of the people speak you this each day.”I love you!” But all let my word will be following, and let they warm you when you lonesome, keep you, let they will bring you happiness. I much want that you felt that flows in me when I see you, when hear your voice, your canto, see your eye. About Gosh, your eye, they beautiful!!!…Dip with head in your peephole of the colour sky, happiness simply to be with you, you eighth prodigy of the light!…This not to describe the word, when I see you, as wake;arise that around all quietly, I only hear heavy blows its heart…
    I much powerfully want on communicate with you, speak… Want to say that if you need will be a help, address, I shall do all that in my power and even more…
    I am a review to your photographies and on all you such sad, how do I want to do so that you never felt this sadness that you was always happy… So want to embrace you and simply protect from the whole bad, want to cheer up that your eye at least a little a little smiled. I am all time wait the prodigy, think that it will occur… I am all time wait that you write me… Say cost(stand)s me to wait? Cost(stand)s believe in fairy tale, in which main hero are shown you… This unbearably, day night, day night, and so each day, I have already lost the count of the days, and all from for my strange love to you..
    Say, needs she you?.. Or you have tired already from the whole this and want that we have left you at rest? Say, I you implore; if you not it is necessary, I not shall you to disturb, let will much painfully, but some all will get up on their own place, I hope…. I ask beside you only one write me, please, after all you has invented fairy tale themselves and have said that we believed, but as now that us so needs this faith, you do not want and speak to us…
    forgive;pardon Me please, for all my word, but I anymore could, this was a shout heart… If will want write me here is my address m.jackson.ru@mail.ru I shall wait you. You and your letter.
    Thank you for all!… Be happy!… And will bless you Gentlemen!…
    Love you, my angel!..

  10. hi…the truth is that this is it caused quite a shock to the world as it sends important messages as the world today are not much into account as, love, kindness, faith and other things that only shows the world mike. .. in order to change it and make it more pure.
    it’s great that a person do that because not everyone does that .. I admire him a great man and a great person at heart .. my best wishes and let him continue spreading love as before.

    thanks for giving me so much faith and trust

    I love you much….


  11. thank u so much! maybe i wasn’t a good followers because you don’t answer me!!! no more…… i miss u dove and i wish for you all the best in the world!

  12. I will do anything to help healing the world if it is Michael bringing back to us. We can t do this without him. Michael you are our example, we have to follow you. Its all for L.O.V.E. And its for ALL TIME. I love you with my whole heart, body and soul. Please come real soon, you ve touched my heart and soul and my life will never be the same. Tell us what to do to save the world.

  13. Thank you very much for this.
    Always well investigated.
    I believe what Dove said,”HE is the source.” and
    “For the first time in his life, he is sitting back enjoying the show.” This makes me cry.
    Michael deserves a chance to do so.We already got Huge from him.
    It’s a time for sizzling.
    He can come back in his own time if he likes.
    I will always be there for him.
    I’ll wait, dance, drill and spread L.O.V.E.until he can’t help himself;)

  14. Hey lilwendy how are you dear? I love this message from Dove, but I’m a bit sad. I did expected this….and I was afraid of this….but first I must resume all the clues to have the whole perspective, I must think beyond the message…because Dove just gave us higher message….something is about to happen…I think!
    Love to you dear friend!

    • Yes there is a bigger message… here are some of my insights to how the game and the non-game play together http://wp.me/pGwtF-c8 however I will be talking about this more. There is a beautiful message among all of this craziness… and in my opinion it boils down to love God, and love your neighbour.

  15. final curtain, when rolles are reversed. who’s mjawaking?

  16. Well the first thing we have to do is stop being selfish. And be appreciative of what Dove did for us selflessly. IF some of us even took the time to read the blog before judging it and/or him. *sighs* Sorry I needed to say that.

  17. Dumb sh*ts.

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