BAMSDAY/Second Coming Parallels/mjawakening

Well I totally feel like I’m treading on very thin ice here but I have to get my thoughts down to work through them and hopefully you guys will join me and give input and insight.

We have all seen it.  There have been so many biblical/spiritual undertones with Mr. Jackson.  Here I am speculating on days based on clues, etc. and it reminds me of the people speculating about when Christ will return based on biblical codes and clues.  (I think of Mayan 2012 theories etc.)

Then I remember Matthew 24:36 “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

And so I think of Michael… we really don’t know when/if he will return because he will do it “in his own time”  He could set a date of February 1st and on January 28th say, you know… it’s just not the right time.

So while I still love to speculate and exercise my creativeness in figuring out clues and connections and codes, be very clear that this is not and will not be my focus.

We have to heed his message and understand that it is not for Michael’s glory it is for God’s glory.

And now we have just over two hours until mjawakening makes an announcement.  For those of you who didn’t see, this came out Jan 25th:

Yes that’s right EXACTLY 7 months from the day and time Michael Jackson was pronounced dead.

And so we wait…

What am I hoping for… anything new… a glimmer of hope… something proactive to latch on… something that will create a vision of a better world… something I havent’ thought of?  I don’t know.

All I know is for over a year I have been tormented with this feeling of God wants me to make a global impact.  I still am not sure how.  However I have to be patient and work in God’s time.  In His time he will reveal His mission for me.  I guess I’m hoping this MJ reveal could possibly tie into God’s reveal.

I just want to do God’s will in my life.


~ by lilwendy on January 25, 2010.

One Response to “BAMSDAY/Second Coming Parallels/mjawakening”

  1. Sweet lilwendy, I think you are not alone in this. Many of us are expecting something although we try hardly to hide our emotion and hopes, for just being afraid of being disappointed. But deep in our hearts we want, we believe, we need it.
    But tomorrow never knows.

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