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TIAI Update #2: JACK5ONS Tweet on 1-18 About TIAI “Revealed”

Postby TS » Fri Jan 22, 2010 7:50 am

Although this update is shorter than the last one, it’s still too long to post in the replies section of the TIAI Update #1 thread (as I had previously mentioned). In case anyone has not read TIAI Update #1 yet, here is the link for that: {}.

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2-1. Outline for TIAI Update #2

2-1. Outline for TIAI Update #2
2-2. ALLJACK5ONS Tweet “Revealed” on January 18
2-3. Official Media Story of MJ Death: Impossible!
2-4. Real Murder & Fake Hoax, or Fake Murder & Real Hoax?
2-5. Is TMZ a Counterfeit Hoax Informer?

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2-2. ALLJACK5ONS Tweet “Revealed” on MLK Day

Here is their tweet: “if u don’t think our emotion is real, all I can do is pray for you. see truths when they r revealed to you. ur eyes don’t lie – media does” {8:38 PM Jan 18th from web;}.

First of all, we need to understand both the time and the subject context of this tweet. The date was January 18, 2010—which was of course MLK Day; and indeed they knew what day it was, as can be clearly seen in two earlier tweets that day {;}. This was also one day after the final Jackson Reality Show, which ended with a visit to Forest Lawn {}.

The tweets both before and after the “revealed” tweet were all on the subject of the Reality Show, and especially the ending about MJ. Some of the tweets even mention MJ specifically {; click “more” at the bottom of the page, until you get to January 18 tweets}.

So the context of this “revealed” tweet is clearly about MJ. The next step is to understand that this tweet is in response to hoax believers (“if u don’t think our emotion is real”). Hoaxers have been saying all along, that a huge evidence of the hoax is the lack of tears from the family at the memorial and burial, etc. Surely, they are not ignorant of this.

And what could they possibly be responding to, other than the hoax—could it be that they were responding to accusations that their emotions were not real, because they don’t care that MJ is dead? Who would say such a thing? And even if someone was cold enough to say that, why would they even bother to respond? Worse yet, why would they respond by saying that the media lies?? Has the media been trying to convince people (falsely), that the Jackson family’s emotions are not real???

Sorry, but the statement about emotions and media lying doesn’t make sense, unless they were referring to the hoax theory. So this tweet was in response to hoax believers; and believers themselves have recognized this fact, in threads such as this one: “Jacksons address hoax!!” {posted by dirtydiana2009;}. Since this is the most direct statement yet, from the family, about hoax believers: this tweet deserves thorough investigation.

The part about their “emotion is real” does not specifically say emotion from MJ dying; it could be emotion from the pain that the media lies have caused, etc (media lies are mentioned in this tweet, MJ death is not mentioned in this tweet). And in fact, even the hoax itself is painful for MJ (he knows that it has hurt the fans, and that hurts him; also, he wants to return as much or more than his fans want him to return).

Primarily, though, we need to examine the last half of this tweet: “see truths when they r revealed to you. ur eyes don’t lie – media does”. Notice the very clear plural usage: “see truths [plural] when they [plural] are [plural] revealed to you”. If MJ really were dead, and this is all that they were trying to say, then why the plural? Why wouldn’t it be “see the truth [MJ is dead] when it is revealed”?

And again, why the reference to the media lying?? If the Jacksons know that MJ is really dead, and this is what they are referring to here, then why wouldn’t they be supporting media “truth” (reports that MJ is dead)?? And why the phrase “ur eyes don’t lie”? We have never seen any dead body; so “ur eyes don’t lie” can’t possibly mean that our eyes have already seen for ourselves that MJ is really dead.

The only conclusion which makes sense, is that the Jacksons tweet mentioned “truths” about the hoax—and our eyes don’t lie regarding these things. This also fits the statement about the media lies—the media is not telling the truth about the hoax, they are saying that MJ is dead (but our eyes can see the hoax).

Now let’s take it a step further. Since this is clearly referring to truths about the hoax: why did they use the word “revealed”? Why not use some other word, such as “see truths when they r shown to you”? Or “recognize truths when they r seen by you”? Or any of several other ways to say it?

Do you suppose that they were entirely ignorant of TIAI Revealed—which was posted nearly a month before 1-18, and Part 1 had about 11,000 views by 1-18? Also, TIAI Revealed Update #1 was posted one week before 1-18, and had about 15,000 views by 1-18. Few if any posts on this forum have more views. If any of the Jacksons were paying any attention whatsoever to the hoax forums, then surely they were already aware of TIAI Revealed, on 1-18.

For the sake of TIAI doubters, let’s say that TIAI is not really MJ’s message. Don’t you think in that case, the Jacksons would avoid any hint of support for TIAI—and maybe even give hints against it? Yet instead of that, they use the very word “revealed” in this tweet, the statement which is the clearest statement yet from them about the hoax; and they refer to the things “revealed” as “truths” that “ur eyes” can and should “see”.

Not only did they use the word “revealed”, but they also referred to the media lies—which is one of the main themes in TIAI. Notice that TIAI Revealed, Part 7, even has the word media in the title: “NWO Powers Control the Mass Media”; and redirect #9 has the title: “9/11 Truth vs Mainstream Media”.

Last but not least: why was this tweet given on January 18, MLK Day? Do you think that they knew nothing about the MLK connections with the hoax (They Don’t Really Care About Us?)—and do you think they were totally unaware of TIAI Update #1 (with 15,000 views), and the things in there about January 18???

So we have here a clear Jackson statement about the hoax, using the word “revealed”, and referring to media lies—and it was even done on January 18, MLK Day! Either these things are more TIAI “coincidences” (added to all the previous ones), or else they were giving clues about TIAI.

Well, how much clearer of a clue do you want? Do they need to spell out the domain for you: Be assured, that will not happen before MJ comes back (it would be too big of a hint about the hoax). In fact, don’t be too surprised if they don’t say anything directly even after MJ comes back—surely you can understand why, due to the nature of the subjects involved.

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2-3. Official Media Story of MJ Death: Impossible!

This section (2-3), and the next section (2-4), are especially for those who are losing faith—and thinking that maybe MJ is really dead.

Here is the tweet again: “if u don’t think our emotion is real, all I can do is pray for you. see truths when they r revealed to you. ur eyes don’t lie – media does” {8:38 PM Jan 18th from web;}.

For the sake of the die-hard TIAI opposers, and even for the sake of those losing faith: let’s consider all possibilities about the word “revealed” in this tweet. Perhaps they were aware of TIAI Revealed, and used the “revealed” word anyway; or perhaps they were unaware of TIAI Revealed, and this is yet another round of TIAI & STUDY “coincidences”: usage of the word “revealed”, the reference to media lies, and tweeted on 1-18 (plus all the previous “coincidences”, see Update #1, 1-10). Let’s consider both of these possible situations (Jacksons aware of TIAI, or unaware).

If they were already aware of TIAI Revealed (and Update #1, about January 18): and they knew that TIAI is a fake message (either fake because MJ is really dead, or fake because MJ is alive yet TIAI message is wrong): then surely they would’ve avoided mentioning “truths … revealed” in the same tweet about media lies on MLK Day!!! The only sane conclusion is that they are in support of TIAI Revealed, or else they have never even heard of it (and it was more “coincidences”).

But if you take the position that they are entirely ignorant of TIAI, it brings up several major problems. Why would they be ignorant of TIAI, are they paying no attention whatsoever to the hoax forums? Even if MJ were really dead, don’t you think that at least one person in the family might check the hoax forums now and then—and share the highlights with other family members? Don’t you think that TIAI redirects and Revealed would be one of those highlights, since there are so many views on TIAI posts? And especially if they know that MJ is alive, then wouldn’t they be even far more interested in the hoax forums??

For TIAI opposers and hoax doubters, we will now examine very seriously the only remaining realistic possibility. For the Jacksons to not be in favour of TIAI, all three of the following things would have to be true: first, MJ actually died; second, none of the family members are paying any attention whatsoever to the hoax forums; and third, the tweet about “truths … revealed” and media lies on MLK Day are more amazing TIAI coincidences.

Some will probably find it easy to buy the third one, “coincidences”; a few may even think that the second one is true (Jacksons don’t read the forums)—but what about MJ actually being dead, could this be what the “truths … revealed” tweet is about? We already examined that a little above, but now it’s time to take a much more serious look into this question—especially since more and more hoaxers are losing faith.

As noted already above, this tweet mentions media lies—in the context of Forest Lawn, and MJ, etc. So we can now be certain that the Jacksons do not agree with the media story about MJ’s “death”—we can rule that out as impossible! The only question is whether the media reports are not true because MJ is still alive, or the media reports are not true because MJ was intentionally murdered.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
2-4. Real Murder & Fake Hoax, or Fake Murder & Real Hoax?

The intentional murder theory has been around just about as long as the hoax theory (although not nearly as widely accepted as the hoax); and La Toya has even given support to this idea {}. But there are several major evidences against the murder theory—not the least of which is the family themselves!

Even La Toya’s murder complaints have come across more as a hoax diversion tactic, than a serious outcry for justice. But why hasn’t the entire family screamed “bloody murder”, if this is really what they believe??? Are they walking on eggshells, until the time is right to expose the murder plot? This is worthy of consideration; but if that is the case, then why did La Toya spill the beans? Why didn’t she keep quite like the rest?

Furthermore, the murder theory does not answer to the lack of tears from any of the family at the memorial and burial; quite the opposite—we saw smiling, laughing, many sunglasses (hiding tears, or hiding lack of tears??), and all the rest that most of you have known about for months. If they really thought that MJ was murdered, then you would expect them to be as much or more emotional than a real death from other reasons.

On June 25, TMZ reported that “La Toya Jackson was in tears as she ran inside the UCLA …” {}. Notice in the picture that we can see her running, we can even see a close-up of her face—but we see no tears! We can see the sunglasses (as usual); but if there are any tears, they are not flowing down her face (and are only minor tears, hidden by the glasses).

All of the major evidences of the hoax still exist, they have not vanished. People are losing faith (thinking that maybe MJ is actually dead)—not because the hoax evidence has disappeared, but because MJ has not returned yet. But this fact, in and of itself, is no evidence that he was murdered.

We now know for certain that the media story about MJ’s “death” is not true (from the ALLJACK5ONS tweet). In the past, hoaxers have put the hoax evidence up against the official story. But we don’t need to do that anymore; the only thing left that we need to do, is put the hoax evidence up against the intentional murder theory. So let’s re-examine some of the major hoax evidences, in light of the murder theory.

This theory requires an extremely sinister and highly-calculated plot, with many involved—probably including at least some in the Jackson family. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say that this is the actual case; I am merely showing that this theory is totally unrealistic.

There can be no trace of doubt that if this was murder, it was intentionally covered up by trying to make it look like a death hoax; and it was well planned, long before June 25, 2009. But you would have to include Kenny Ortega, and many others, who were all involved in this plot to create the film “This Is It” and make it look like an MJ death hoax (Smooth Criminal / Gilda, spider resurrection, “Bam” statement at the end, no RIP, etc).

Then you have the Liberian Girl pictures at the memorial and burial. Surely you would think that at least one family member was involved in the selection of these pictures; and surely the family is not ignorant of MJ directing behind the scenes, in the Liberian Girl video. Either someone outside of the family (who was part of this sinister murder plot) had the power to require that these Liberian Girl pictures be used, or else the family was in on the murder plot (or else, of course, it was not murder).

Last but certainly not least: the 9-9-09 timing shows strikingly that the June 25 “death” and September 3 “burial” were not only planned, but they were planned by MJ himself—and not some NWO murder plot. This is because the timing is based on 77 days (6-25-09 to 9-9-09) and 7 days (9-3-09 to 9-9-09); these are numbers that MJ would certainly choose, but probably not NWO powers.

Furthermore, the usage of inclusive reckoning is something that none but diligent Bible students would understand; corrupt NWO leaders do not study the Bible very much (if at all), or care about inclusive reckoning in the Bible. Even many sincere Christians don’t know very much if anything about inclusive reckoning, much less NWO murderers.

I have yet to give an update on the 9-9-09 relationship to the hoax; it is one of the strongest evidences of the hoax, and against the murder theory. But I have decided not to give that update until after the TII DVD comes out.

For those who are still not sure if MJ is alive, even after all of the evidence in this TIAI update: here is your ultimate test, how to get closure. If Murray gets thrown in the slammer, then MJ is really dead. And watch for the Jacksons to reveal truths about the murder: “see truths when they r revealed to you. ur eyes don’t lie”. If this tweet is not about the hoax, then it is about an intentional murder; and therefore they are saying that our eyes will see truths about this murder.

If the doctor goes to trial, and is found not guilty: again, watch the family. If they make an uproar (which they are certainly capable of doing, with all the publicity that they get)—and show truths about a murder plot, then MJ is really dead. But if they act nearly the same as at the memorial and funeral, then MJ is alive. And last of all, if MJ returns before the Murray trial—well I hope that will give you closure!!! Whatever, something is sure to happen soon and very soon.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
2-5. Is TMZ a Counterfeit Hoax Informer?

For those who did check TMZ on January 18, you may have seen the organized protest against mainstream media (NBC), although it was not specifically about MJ {}. And of course, as already discussed in length above, January 18 was the day of the Jacksons tweet.

But some hoax believers have said that maybe TMZ is a counterfeit hoax informer, especially since January 18 came and went without the big MJ return. However, if TMZ does not have actual information about MJ, then why were they the first ones to report the “death”? Whether or not you believe the hoax, there can be no question that TMZ had insider information about MJ’s “death”.

Now for the sake of argument: let’s say that MJ himself was a member on a hoax forum, and announced a return date—but the date came and went, with no return. Would this prove that MJ is a counterfeit informer, or would it prove that he had to change his plans? By now, probably everyone knows that there was a major earthquake in Haiti, just one day after TIAI Update #1 {}. This does not mean that the earthquake was the only reason why MJ did not return on 1-18; but it is an example of how things can happen, which cause a change in plans.

Notice what TIAI said about specific dates, in TIAI Revealed Part 6 (R22): “As he [MJ] said at the end of the movie: I will come ‘in my own time’; it is up to him alone, and nobody else will be able to figure it out for sure. Some distinct possibilities include: 12-25-09 (Christmas), 12-31-09 (full moon & New Years Eve), 1-1-10 (New Years Day), 1-18-10 (MLK Day), 1-25-10 (seven months since the ‘death’, and same time as the DVD release), or beyond.”

Also notice the title of Update #1: “HIGH PROBABILITY OF MJ ‘RETURN’ THIS MONTH!” It did not say “certainty”; and even the high “probability” was only “this month”—not necessarily January 18. And this month is not over yet; in fact, it has been ten days since TIAI Update #1, and there is still ten days to the end of January.

Some wondered why the word “RETURN” in the title (of Update #1) was in quote marks. Was it for emphasis, or was it indicating a non-real return (like when we refer to the “death” in quotes, it’s not a real death). Those who carefully read TIAI Revealed (Part 6), you will probably understand why it was in quotes. It goes back to my STUDY prediction about the TII movie rated “R”—for “Resurrection” (Thriller spider), hoax “Revealed” (Smooth Criminal, etc), and MJ “Return” (also this word used in the TII DVD).

If you read the replies and posts after Update #1, many people wisely cautioned against getting hopes too high for January 18; yet many got their hopes up anyway, and were very disappointed. Although the disappointment was unfortunate, yet a far greater disappointment is the fact that some are still more interested in a return date than they are about the reasons for the hoax {see “BAM! HE IS ‘BACK’!” by MJalive999;}.

Nevertheless, it is encouraging that a large percentage of hoax believers have now seen and accepted the major reasons for the hoax. And again, if you read the replies, you will see that many are more interested in the message than the exact return date. Because January 18 was yet another of several disappointments, some have requested that we don’t use any more specific return date theories. So be it. When we are ready, when MJ is ready, he will return—no sooner, and no later.

Well, it’s time to wrap up this second update. In these updates I am not trying to defend myself; what I am defending is the message. And I am trying to help make MJ’s “return” safer, sooner, and more successful when he does come back.

The complaints against TIAI are losing their power, especially after this update. Almost all recent complaints have zero evidence, only derogatory statements. But anybody can say derogatory things, and it means nothing whatsoever (except that it shows what you personally don’t like). For those who want to go by truth, and not mere feelings, you need to base things on evidence. Truth can stand up to the test of evidence.

And finally, for those who might still have any doubts about TIAI, notice that fake informers usually make big claims about who they are (I’ve never said that I’m MJ, or Marlon, etc). Fake informers also come and go with the wind—can you count how many there have been, in the last half of a year? I can’t count them. And where are most of them now? Did they get bored? Or did it become obvious that they didn’t know anything in advance, etc?

In striking contrast to these fake informers, why is TIAI (& STUDY) still around after about half of a year—and going stronger than ever?? Why has TIAI (& STUDY) repeatedly shown advance information, as well as TIAI clues from TMZ and now the Jacksons? TIAI is not going away. It’s time for all of MJ’s real fans to accept his real message—it’s all for L.O.V.E.

Wow! That’s all I can say!  Well I post on a lot of things… one of them being exact date theories
A few things are happening here for me.
1. Are they downplaying the date theories because they don’t want us guessing a date because they want all of us to experience the BAM!  For example, if MJ were to come back Feb 1st, I would not be shocked because of my previous date theory post.  Are they setting us up to be shocked?
2.  Are they downplaying all the stuff going on because it’s just that… stuff… and bottomline the REAL MESSAGE needs to be heeded?
3.  Are they just reminding us that they don’t even have a date… it is up to MJ… in his own time… so stop wasting valuable time looking for something that hasn’t even been determined?
I really believe there is so much stuff happening in the world and the message has been laid out in the context of the hoax, yet some of us (myself included) are so consumed with the hoax that our LOVE is being directed in the wrong way.
We are loving our families, friends, fellow beLIEvers, we have GP support groups on Twitter (JK…sort of) and this is great!  However, people are dying all around us and I think MJ needs to know that our LOVE is going beyond our MJ community.
Lastly a little plug for MJAlive999. 🙂  Love you!  I think it’s funny they used one of MJAlive’s posts as proof that people are more concerned about a return date when that was the EXACT OPPOSITE of the message of that post!  That post used people’s focus on a return date as the attention getter… the subject only!  However, if you read that post it is quick and well written and reminds us that this is not about a hoax!!! It’s about the message!
I can’t remember if this message inspired me to write my post on WHY or if this post was done before and just supported by MJAlive999’s post.  In any case, it doesn’t matter.  We NEED to focus on changing our ways.  We NEED to focus on spending time everyday doing something outside our 4 walls and contributing to humanity.
Guys I hope I don’t sound like I’m preaching… I am guilty of all of this!  I get sidetracked by the GP Thread too! I get sidetracked by trying to figure out the secret codes and hidden messages (real or manifested) of the hoax.  I do this too!  However, we… I have got go stay focused on the real matters at hand.
Lastly, I’ll leave you with this… again from MJAlive999 (thank you for all you do!)  Please note once again the attention grabbing subject line tailoring to all those who are only concerned with a return date:  MICHAEL JACKSON: BAMSDAY! (I told her she should flash some GP to attract the horny MJ fans as well!) LOL

~ by lilwendy on January 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “ – Twitter messages”

  1. First time response and I wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your site. You’ve posted excellent info and I appreciate your hard work and slant on things spiritually. I’ve been a daily MJ researcher since June and likely for a long time on this ride. I just wanted to know if you had a comment on the movie “The book of Eli”. I’ve seen TII, 2012, Legion, and just now that movie. I know it’s not listed in TIAI but there are some interesting parallels. Denzel Washington portrays a man who after the apocalype hears from God to protect the only available Bible and dies bringing it to the next generation. In the magazine available to movie-goers last night, I noticed the ad for it and it includes “BELIEVE 1:15:10 ONLY IN THEATRES” and the notable thing is that the word believe has ELI in red letters, a similar take on believe with “lie” in caps. Just wondering about your thoughts on that? Thanks.

    • Interestingly enough, that is the movie I am going to see tonight!! I’ll let you know and maybe even blog on it! 🙂 thanks! Yes i saw that “believe” as well! 🙂

  2. aiso try to watch jessie ventura 2012 on u tube, everone is talking about this now.. MJ’s awaking is working.

  3. Im response to Hati, I read that ‘we are the world’ will be restarted by lional richeie one day after the gramme awards night, and that MJ will be involved, 3d. This is to raise money for hati, like they did in the 80’s.

    In respose to the family reactions to the death, My brother died at 29 in a car accident going skiing in VT, The reaction from our family was my brother had to crawl to the stone he was so upset, my mother had a nervous breake down, coundn’t stop crying, and my father died the next year, to sad. We have never been the same. He is dearly loved and missed. Im realy not seeing this with the Jacksons, They stood by him every court date, mom dad, sibblings, so I’d say they would be extreely upset if he died unexpectaly. He is deeply loved by his family.

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