What do YOU beLIEve is possible?

In the Bible it says that “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matt 19:26

We hear this and we sometimes believe it but wouldn’t actually put it to the test! 🙂

But outside of that, there are things that are possible and have been proven possible that we don’t know about but if we would just research, we would find they are possible.

We look at MJ possibly faking his death and many criticize that we should just let him go… because in their minds, it’s not possible.

Watch this clip of David Blaine.  He talks about holding his breath for 17 minutes.  Neurosurgeons will tell you that a human being CAN NOT hold their breath for longer than 6 mins without brain damage.  Well clearly THEY ARE WRONG! Clearly the experts are working from a framework of limiting beliefs as well.


Now to MJ… we all know he was a man of excellence.  There was never a “can’t” in his vocabulary… only “how”.  Just because we can not comprehend how he would be able to do things… just because we haven’t seen or heard of it being done… doesn’t mean MJ hasn’t figured it out and done it.

Before Smooth Criminal, did we believe that a human could lean at a 45 degree angle?


Well MJ figured it out.  The man is gifted… intuitive!

So we need to think outside of the box!  Even if we see video footage of MJ in a casket… and it is him… who’s to say he didn’t figure out a way to be buried alive in a coffin for an extended time (like his good friend David Blaine did for a week in 1999?)

I find it interesting that Blaine talks about preparing for his feat… that he needed to drop weight because the skinnier he was the longer he could hold his breath.  Hmmmm kind of like how MJ dropped weight… er… because he was ill *wink wink*

Now I’m going to provide a link to an article… the whole site looks very interesting however (and here is my disclaimer) I have not read the whole site so I can not and will not endorse all it may say.

I have read this page through and it is an amazing read:http://www.mjam.com/frames/0798.html Again not everything on this page I am endorsing, however, the premise that we must be open to our creative juices and then ask how vs saying it can’t be done is what I am trying to get across.

I came across this site because Michael has been quoted as saying: “The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.”

We are getting educated people because we are watching first hand a master at work!

We love you Michael Jackson!


~ by lilwendy on January 21, 2010.

One Response to “What do YOU beLIEve is possible?”

  1. Just want to say I am realy getting an education from MJ and his fans. And I practice the power of thought from one of the Love videos.. and it works, like prayer. I have also changed, no TV I cant stand the lies.. the programing. No floride water, feel better. And I can see trough the Goverment Hoaxs better, Im/we are wakeing up!!! Power to the people……

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