Man, and date, in the Mirror?

First of all thank you to PurpleFedora and fromSASwithLOVE on Twitter for helping me to find this out!

Ok so I really don’t know how all this started…

I know there was talk about The Jack5ons (note the FIVE in the middle not FOUR) going to the UK Feb 1 2010.  Then some people were saying that that could mean MJ will return before the end of the month!  Wouldn’t that be incredible! 🙂

The fromSASwithLOVE tweeted 01-02-2010?

I looked at that and tweeted back 01022010 is a palindromic day! A very rare date when it happens.  It is like a mirror image.  Hmmmm perfect for a man in the mirror!

I really didn’t realize how rare this date is!  It happens only 12 times (in the format of DD-MM-YYYY) in a century!

Well that set us off as you can imagine!

MJ was an incredibly well read intelligent genius type (from what I’ve heard!)

What a better idea than to go to the Grammy’s the day before…. do a little something special there… maybe a hint… or something cool like a 3D Earth Song perhaps and then the next day BAM!!!

On such a rare and special day, we should have something rare and special happen… like the illusion of someone coming back from the dead. 🙂

Addition:  Did you know that February 1st is the 32nd day of the year.  There will be 333 days left in 2010 on that day. 333… where have we heard that before?

Addition: Did you also know that February 1st is exactly 7 months and 7 days from June 25th. Where have we heard about 7’s before?


~ by lilwendy on January 21, 2010.

17 Responses to “Man, and date, in the Mirror?”

  1. i really,really believe that this is it…also it….and it doesn’t matter when and where….do it only soon,my precious pearl michael!

  2. Thanks for information, I will wait for the bam, I will always be there for micheal, till the day ime gone.Love you micheal

  3. If it’s gonna happen, it’ll involve 7s for sure, I believe: and Plus his memorial was on 7/7…the list goes on.

  4. Wendy, I couldn’t sleep thinking about this:

    7 months after june 25th = januari 25th

    7 days earlier (januari 18th) The awakening ends and Dove leaves.

    7 days later is februari 1st.

    So, if you see the timetable, we see 7 – 7 – 7.

    I think we really found it this time!

    with L.O.V.E.


  5. Bravo! Great post Wendy! 🙂
    This has to be it!! It’s the perfect day for a comeback!
    Good times will be had 😉

  6. thanks for all the information!congrats

  7. You all always help me keep the faith!! Good job to you guys! I can’t wait for the BIG BAM to happen!! Michael Jackson is missed by all of us!! We Love You Mike!!!

  8. VERY GOOD friend! Thanks by informations, but I’m so confused….informations 12/31, 01/18, 01/25 frustated? I’m very worried about this”come back”, but I BELIEVE I need TO BELIEVE!
    We are “MICHAEL’S BELIEVERS TEAM” fine? L.O.V.E. you, SAS, MJalive,PurpleFedora e others friends that help me to wait with LOVE from de bottom of my heart! 8hugs*

  9. That would be really really good… = )

  10. wow wendy! amazing! 😀
    it would be an ideal comeback date!!!

  11. Congratulations to all! Really great job! I hope it will happen…I miss him too much!

  12. Hmmm…very interesting 😉 Let’s start the countdown! :-):-):-)
    Great post, btw! 😉

  13. OMG!!!! I’m hyperventilating! Serious, Februari 1st is 7 months and 7 days after june 25th! This is it Wendy! We NAILED it! This is it – This is it – This is it – Gonna book my airplane tickets now. Woohooo!!! See you there!

    Taaatttatatatataaaa – taaaaatatatatataaaaaa – Can You Feel It BAM BAM!

    All my L.O.V.E.


  14. Really cool theory, maybe that video I posted regarding 35 Grammy Awards part 2 and the rebirth comment at0.44 might apply (I wish) really interesting, second rebirth at the Grammy Awards. Now that would be really cool. Just wait and see. (Im Willubetheremj on Twitter.

  15. Great work!!! also remember those images of MJ in This is It with the shirt with the threee 7’s on it…..perhaps it will be on the 7th hour, 7th month and 7th day from his “death” time and date of June 25th 09???

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