Greatest Show on Earth

Well a few things have happened namely tweets from the Jack5ons and JFD coming to a close that have made me think… doubt….question.

For a moment I doubted too then I remembered… MJ wanted his life to be the Greatest Show on Earth.

So… every great show has actors.  Anything those actors do and say are with a part… they are not lying… they are acting.

So is that what’s happening here?  And how would people who believe that MJ has died ever handle the truth.  Would they end up hating the Jack5ons for what they’ve done?

Which leads me to this article:

A few highlights:

  • When Barnum pulled one over on you, he told you… and then made sure you left with a smile on your face.
  • every once in a while, you might try something completely off the wall and gain big traction, as long as you find a way to deliver value beyond the hype.
  • Barnum always thought big. When people told him his plans would never work, he didn’t give up—he simply resolved to make even bigger plans.
  • P.T. Barnum knew the value of personal allies. The fact that Barnum had people like Mark Twain to help him promote his latest efforts demonstrates why having prominent new media friends makes sense in today’s world
  • Most people can come up with something outrageous. But is there a payoff for the audience that makes it worth doing?

So maybe that’s what MJ needs to make sure of… not only do we get the why but we VALUE the lesson.  When everyone sees the value… then the lesson will be learned and the masses will be receptive to a return.  We need to spread the message everywhere re: what we have gained from MJ’s “death”.  How our lives have bettered.  We have to get mainstream media talking about how MJ fans have not only changed personally but changed the world around them.  How love has been brought back… remember love is the greatest show on earth.


~ by lilwendy on January 18, 2010.

One Response to “Greatest Show on Earth”

  1. From Twitter – MJalive999

    @lilwendymjhd about this … TII was called PROJECT OF LOVE XD

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