Well it’s been 3 days since I’ve posted anything!  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy!

Crazy stuff is going on…  from tweets about this Sunday’s Jackson show blowing our mind…. to mjawakening saying farewell… to reminders to focus on the why.

And this is what I choose to focus on in this post…. WHY?  Why did MJ do this?

I have to draw attention to an incredible post by MJAlive999


There is so much hearsay about why…. let’s just go back to his interviews and hear from his mouth what he wanted… or his songs…. or his writings… what was on his heart and what message could he possibly want us… me to heed?

Man in the Mirror

  • I need to open my eyes to the world beyond my four walls
  • I need to acknowledge the needs around me and do something
  • I must start with myself
  • If I have no purpose, no place to go, no place to be, I will sway in my views like the wind


  • We must all work together in this world to work out the problems
  • I need to love my neighbor
  • I must live each day as if it’s my last
  • The world is one of confusion and I’ve been conditioned not to give a flip about those around me
  • What do I believe?  Do I know right from wrong?

Why You Wanna Trip on Me?

  • Why am I so concerned about MJ (and other celebs for that matter) when there are more important issues such as world hunger at hand?
  • Issues like teachers who don’t wanna teach, adults who can’t read and write, mysterious diseases with no cure, gang violence, homelessness, drug addictions, weak minds, police brutality, more than we need!

Heal the World

  • I must live in love
  • I must care about those around me
  • I must give joyfully from that loving place
  • To do this will bring back a world that used to be
  • I need to be a reflection of God… an example of God’s love… I need to be God’s glow
  • I can create a world of faith (no fear)
  • I need to do this for the next generation and generations to come

Black or White

  • I need to see everyone as one
  • I need to put any seeds of racism or bigotry in my heart to rest

Keep the Faith

  • I must believe in myself and the power of one.
  • I must do what is right
  • I need to stay focused on the prize
  • I must go through life in wisdom
  • I need to be an example for my brothers and sisters.


  • Do I really know what this system is about?  The Matrix? 🙂
  • This world is full of lies, confusion, corruption and injustice.

They Don’t Care About Us

  • This world has gone mad and the big dudes, the government, don’t care a flip about us.
  • There are people that stood up against this and stood up for our rights in the past – Roosevelt, MLK, etc.
  • This is all prophetic

Earth Song

  • This world is meant to be a world of peace
  • We have strayed so far from this
  • If I pull back and just take notice… what am I doing to God’s planet?
  • Do I even care?


  • Money is the new god.
  • People will do anything for it… lie…kill…sell their souls.
  • Some even go to church, read the Bible, and still worship money.

Tabloid Junkie

  • Oh the lies told by the tabloids out to ruin the lives of those who speak the truth
  • JFK is an example… wanting to expose the truth… his fate… death
  • Their words kill the people they are writing about
  • People are so stupid!  They know it’s junk and they buy it which supports the life of the tabloid!


  • I need to stand and take my place in world history
  • I need to give a helping healing hand
  • I need to treat my neighbor as a brother and live in harmony

These are just a handful of songs… get the picture?

How about some quotes from his interviews:

  • But I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to.
  • I’ve helped many, many, many children, thousands of children, cancer kids, leukemia kids.
  • Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation.
  • Notes from 2001 Oxford Speech – http://wp.me/pGwtF-9i

Ok bottomline… MJ is turning us back to the truth… the Bible truth… the God truth.

We must… I must study my Bible… love as God would want me to love… be as God wants me to be… When people change their ways and start truly loving one another, then and only then will this world be a better place.

Interestingly enough, MJ has been preaching this message for years!!! Some of us heard beyond the awesome beats to the message… some of us did something with this message and other didn’t.  I was one of the shallow ones that just heard the great beats… sorry MJ…

So how do you get people to understand a message… you give them an experience.

First, you present the case for change.  Well I see it all around me and so do you… now!  After many ways of showing us the lies, deception, etc.  We see it in the tabloids, we see it on TMZ, we see it all around us…  We need to change.

Second, we envision the future.  What will it be like… when we all love one another… when we all harmonize all around the world… can you feel it… can you feel it… can you feel it!!!

Then you experiment and collaborate… Start throwing things out there… you know… like MJ has six months to live!  How does the public react to that info?  Test the waters.

Then Execute!  Put the plan in motion… June 25, 2009…

As the plan is going on… observe… are you getting the results/reactions you anticipated?  I believe that’s what a lot of the boards, FB, Twitter, YouTube are being used for.  This is his way to pulse what is going on.  Are the views changing?  And beyond that… is there ACTUAL change happening.  Is there implementation of the changes?

Lastly, make adjustments.  Unfortunately, that may mean a pushed back return date.  That could mean crashing a forum and having all the info mysteriously disappear and starting over again with selected things that were able to be retrieved.

When there is buy in to the vision… when a culture of L.O.V.E. has been created… when we truly treat each other as family… then I believe we will have not only understood but implemented the changes necessary for MJ to come back.

And taking that beyond… remember in This is It when they talked about taking the 11 soldiers and duplicating them.  That’s what is needed for this vision to take off!  11 soldiers… the message spreads to 1000.  Now if each of those 1000 take responsibility and adopt the vision as their own… that’s when exponential growth occurs.  That’s when 1000 become 2000, and then 4000, then 8000, then 16000, etc.

For cryin out loud!  Let’s stop downplaying our greatness here!  If we all share the message with one person and ask them to share it with another, then we’ve spread the message.  Not MJ’s message… GOD’s message of LOVE.



A great YT clip from themjconspiracy called – “It’s All About the Why”


~ by lilwendy on January 17, 2010.

9 Responses to “WHY?”

  1. Oh, my! All I wanna say it’s thanks for this post! Really, thank you so much! I’m completely into it. Very true words!

    • You are very welcome! I pray you will internalize and put into practice the things MJ has been talking about for years! (that is if you haven’t already!)

  2. here is a poem witten by MJ . for you:
    Two birds
    Its hard to tell them what I feel for you
    They havent ever met you, and no one has your picture.
    So how can they understand your, my story?
    lets give them a clue

    Two birds sit in a tree
    one eats cherries,while the other looks on.
    Two birds fly through the air.
    One’s song drops like crystal from the sky while the other keeps
    Two birds wheel in the sum.
    One catches the light on its silver feathers,
    while the other spreds wings of
    It’s easy to quess which bird
    I am,
    but they’ll never find you. Unless…
    Unless theyalready know a love that never interferes,
    that watches from beyond that
    brethes free in the invisible air.
    Sweet bird, my soul, your silence is so precious.
    How long will it be before the world hears youe song in mine?
    Oh, that is a day I hunger for!
    L.O.V.E Micheal Jackson. Hope you like and thanks for being you.

  3. Lylwendy,my heart was shaken reading what you were going trough at age 13!!!Good Lord!thank you ever so much for your inspiring words.i wish i would’ve find your blog from the very begining but hey!better later than never.people like you make a difference in this world,im sure you are on your way of achieving your goal,of changing for the better peoples’ lifes.i dont want to sound full of myself saying that i did donations to british red cross,and other little help with my co-workers for the people in haiti.honestly,i was influenced by your strong messagess and of course MJ.
    “Keep up the good work”,because is working Lylwendy
    All my respect

  4. Yep you got the message! It all comes back to God! Even I’m going through this change right now! I see all the things I did in the past and see what’s happening right now, it was about time this chance had to come. Thank God he is the God of second chances! He’s giving us another chance to change ourselves and the world through his love and grace! These are other signs that God’s rapture is coming! I have to quote Dr. Westlake a professor of eschatology: “when it starts to get cold, I know that it is football season. But, if you see all what is happening around the world, its rapture season!” We must take this second chance to give everything to God and serve him until the end with his love to all the nations of the world! Lilwendy we are living the best times of our lives during the end of times! I’m excited! God Bless You! Hey, I might meet you during this process of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ!

    • Amen! I would love to meet you someday… However if we never do, please know I love you and pray that you will be encouaged, and strengthened by God’s love through your journey! God bless you!

  5. hi lilwendy.you are putting a group of 30+ people to pay it forward.you are such an inspiration to me..what is it about?i have to know

    • Hi Aurora! Thank you for calling me an inspiration. That is my goal… to be God’s glow! From that for others to do the same. Really what I am doing is not much. Just talking about the true difference we can make. Even if its just to pick up the phone and call someone and say hi. I told a story of when I was 13, in my darkest hour, and had taken 1/2 a bottle of aspirin and was going to kill myself. At that time, a teacher at my school called me… at home! Teachers NEVER called me at home! But this teacher did! And for some reason I stopped popping the pills and answered. That was enough to wake me up… I hung up with the teacher… felt really sick to my stomach… started crying “what am I doing” and proceeded to throw up for the next 10 minutes. That phone call SAVED MY LIFE! You never know what one little act of caring can do. It’s not the huge projects that we need to be concerned about. It is EACH ONE OF US to give a flip about ONE PERSON AROUND US! Just call someone… let them know you care! It could be a comment on a blog saying “hey you’re an inspiration to me… keep up the good work” 🙂 You know? So thank you so much Aurora for sharing your love with me via this comment!

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