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Great News!!! There is a real good chance that this is the last TIAI update which will be needed, before MJ is ready to “Return”! Please read this carefully, and encourage other hoaxers to read it, so that we can all be ready for the big day.

This is the first update to the 9-part series titled TIAI Revealed; if you have not read those yet, you won’t be able to follow this update very well. Here is a link to read the 9-part series: {}.

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1-1. Outline for TIAI Update #1

1-1. Outline for TIAI Update #1
1-2. The Timing of TIAI Update #1
1-3. What Does the Username “TS” Stand For?
1-4. Why Do You Believe the Hoax?
1-5. TMZ Knows About the Hoax
1-6. MJ Death Investigation Complete
1-7. Why Would the “Return” Depend on Hoaxers?
1-8. TMZ News and Clues Related to TIAI
1-9. TIAI and STUDY Predictions that Came True
1-10. Review of Evidences that TIAI is Genuine
1-11. The Lynyrd Skynyrd Example
1-12. MJ Was a Jehovah’s Witness
1-13. MJ’s Religious Beliefs After 1987
1-14. J.W. Influence Even After the MJ “Death”
1-15. Some of the J.W. Beliefs
1-16. The New World Order?
1-17. The End of the (New) World (Order)?
1-18. The End of This TIAI Update

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1-2. The Timing of TIAI Update #1

Quoting from TIAI Revealed, Part 1: “For the most part, I will not be involved personally in the discussions; but I will occasionally answer objections to what I am revealing now.”

I knew that there would be objections; and (as stated above) I was planning on giving time for people to read all 9 parts, and let the dust settle, before responding to anyone. In fact, some hoax believers were able to answer many of the objections, without any direct help from TIAI—which shows that in many cases the truth is not so hard to find, if you really want to know it.

Now, there has been time for the dust to settle. And in fact, the date today is 1-11 (TII movie was 111 minutes long); also, today is one week until 1-18-10 (MLK day), and two weeks until 1-25-10 (seven months since “death”). So as you can see, it was already planned for today to be the next TIAI update. Further below in this update, we will look at the importance of today’s date being the planned day for the next update.

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1-3. What Does the Username “TS” Stand For?

As far as the person(s) operating TIAI (dot-com): many people are not concerned who it is; they just see the importance of the message, and the evidence that it is genuine, and that is sufficient for them.

Others have tried to name a specific person behind it—such as Marlon Jackson, or someone with the personal initials of “TS”. If it really is Marlon, then surely TIAI would be genuine; however, even if I claimed to be Marlon, this would not prove that I really am Marlon. This is why I asked people to go by the evidence that the information is genuine, and not by my claim of who I am or where I got the information.

On the other hand, if I claimed to be someone with the initials of “TS”—this would not prove that I really have those initials; in fact, it wouldn’t even prove that I am not Marlon! And even if I really did have these initials, how could that be any evidence whatsoever that TIAI is or is not genuine??? And yet several have dismissed TIAI, merely on this idea that I have these personal initials!

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that I do have these personal initials—and if this fact became known, then that alone would prove TIAI to be a fake. Do you suppose that if this were actually the case, I would be so careless as to use “TS” for a username??? After all of the time and thought that was put into TIAI and STUDY: would “TS” thoughtlessly be picked for a username, if it would (supposedly) prove that TIAI is fake? Have any of you TIAI objectors stopped to think about how flimsy your objections really are? And by the way: did any of you sharp investigators notice that “TS” is an abbreviation for T-IAI and S-TUDY??

Several people misunderstood the following statement, which was in TIAI Revealed, Part 1: “I am not going to say right now how I got this information; many would not believe me if I told you.”

The point here, especially taken in the wider context, is that I am not asking anyone to believe the information based upon my claim of who is behind TIAI, and/or where the information came from. For example, if I claimed to be Marlon, many would not believe that I am Marlon just because I say so. The words “many would not believe me if I told you”, refer to the previous phrase: “how I got this information”—it is not the information itself that many would not believe, if I told you where I got it.

So once again, the information itself has abundant evidence in the 9 parts, that the information is genuine; so any claim of where I got it is not needed. What is needed, however, is a clear understanding of the evidence which does show the information to be valid. This evidence was understood fairly well by some, but almost completely overlooked and ignored by others—including some who said they read all 9 parts. I have to wonder how quickly they skimmed over it. So in this update, I will go over the evidences that TIAI is genuine; many of these will be repeats taken from portions of the 9 parts (which quite a few people missed and/or ignored), but there will also be a few new ones.

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1-4. Why Do You Believe the Hoax?

It’s true that a few things can happen by random coincidence; but when they keep piling one on top of another, that’s when you say it can’t all be a coincidence. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why so many believe in the MJ hoax—because there are too many “coincidences”. And if you are going to dismiss all the TIAI evidence as merely “coincidences”: then why don’t you dismiss the MJ hoax “coincidences” as well?

So we will review the TIAI (and STUDY) “coincidences”, all of which are backed up with very solid evidence. For those who want to continue opposing TIAI, you are more than welcome to do so as long as your opposition is based on solid evidence—not mere ridicule, or shallow complaints, etc. And also please step up to the plate, and explain all of these “coincidences”—instead of just ignoring them, and pretending that they don’t exist. And if you think anything is incorrect, then please document why it is wrong. People shouldn’t be expected to trust what you say, merely because you say it—anymore than people should be expected to trust what TIAI says, without solid evidence.

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1-5. TMZ Knows About the Hoax

Many hoax investigators already recognize that TMZ knows about the hoax. Nevertheless, for those who aren’t aware of this (and a review for those who are), let’s go over the evidence of this here.

TMZ was first to report the “death” of MJ, ahead of anyone else by seven minutes {,0,1993773.story}—even though they are “Celebrity Gossip” news (in their own words). And even though they were first to report the “death”, and have reported many things about MJ and the “death” since then—yet today, more than half of a year later, they still haven’t filed MJ’s “death” under the official list of celebrity deaths {}.

But TMZ has done a very large number of “exclusive” reports on MJ; if you read these, you should recognize that many of them are either clues for hoax investigators, or decoys for the media and general public.

For example, on 7-7 (July 7) TMZ gave a clue about the 7 year “coincidence” from the will to the memorial {}. And on the same day, TMZ listed several of the other “coincidences” with MJ and the number 7 {}. And remember that it was 77 days (inclusive) from the death to 9-9-09, and 7days (inclusive) from the burial to 9-9-09. {;}.

Recently, TMZ gave a huge clue with the following statement: “Much like 2Pac, Michael Jackson has no problem releasing new music, even though he’s … ya know, dead.” {}. All MJ hoax investigators immediately recognize that 2Pac is heavily associated with the “death faker” concept—and yet, to make it even clearer, TMZ went right on to infer that MJ is not really dead: “even though he’s … ya know, dead.” (the “…” ellipse here is in the TMZ article, indicating that they are leaving something unstated about the MJ “death”).

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1-6. MJ Death Investigation Complete

I didn’t really expect anything on Christmas or New Years Eve. I did include these as possible dates, mostly because so many people were expecting it. But I’m not merely saying this just because it didn’t happen in December; instead, I give you the evidence of this.

Christmas was too soon after TIAI was revealed—it was not enough time for people to read the 9 parts, digest them, object to them, let the dust settle, and then respond to the objections (such as this update), etc. And if you carefully read TIAI Revealed, Part 6: you can see that the evidence there was pointing to 2010 for an MJ “Return” (and most particularly, January).

If you go to the “TIAI Revealed” user page on YouTube {}, you can find the following brief announcement under the Channel Comments: “Thanks so much, all you soldiers of L.O.V.E. Keep checking ThisIsAlsoIt(dot)com, I will have an update soon.” This was posted on Wednesday, January 6, 2010—as can be seen by the “# of days ago” in parenthesis (soon it will change to the “# of weeks ago”; but even then, you can watch for the day of the week when this changes, to verify when the comment was posted).

This update that you are reading now, is what that announcement was referring to; and this entire update is all about the MJ return (probably in January). The timing of this update (today is 1-11) was already planned before the January 6 announcement—which should be obvious by the fact that it is a numerology date (111), and also exactly one week before 1-18 (MLK), and two weeks before 1-25 (7 months since the “death”). The subject of this update was also planned before January 6—which should be obvious by the facts just stated (1-18 & 1-25), as well as the fact that in TIAI Revealed (Part 1) I specifically said that I would “answer objections to what I am revealing now [on 12-21-09].”

What is the significance of this timing? Why am I showing that both the timing and the subject of this update was already planned, even before the YouTube announcement on 1-6-10? Because only two days after my YouTube announcement, TMZ made the biggest announcement since June 25, 2009 (and it was another one of those many TMZ “exclusives” on MJ).

Michael Jackson Death Investigation Complete
The LAPD investigation into Michael Jackson‘s death has been completed and the case will go to the D.A. within weeks … we’re told it will happen in a matter of weeks.” {; see also MJalive999 video,;;}

Wow! This Is It! We are down to the final curtain call, here. Soon and very soon, either Murray is going to get the book thrown at him; or else MJ is going to return “within weeks”, and Murray will not be in hot water—either way, the end of the hoax is near (as I said in TIAI Revealed, Part 8).

This huge TMZ clue, and the huge 2Pac clue from TMZ (mentioned above), both came a few weeks after TIAI was revealed—when there had been time for people to digest it, and when many had accepted it (and joined the Army of L.O.V.E.).

Now let’s look at the strong evidence of MJ returning on January 18 (or possibly about one week later—which would be 7 months from the “death”, and also is when the DVD comes out). First of all, the TMZ “within weeks” statement above points to something happening soon and very soon.

Next, January 18 is the MLK holiday—which of course ties very directly with the MLK statement in the song “They Don’t Really Care About Us”. Do you remember that this song was the only one from the TII rehearsals that was played on the media, after MJ “died”? Don’t you think that this was a big clue about the purpose of the hoax? “In what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom …” And do you remember that this was the very last TIAI redirect, before TIAI was revealed?

Exactly two months before January 18 (on November 18, 2009), TMZ posted the following: “Jackson Investigation Mystery Date
Big clue in the Michael Jackson investigation — the LAPD detective leading the probe indicated January 18, 2010 may be a significant date. Detective Orlando Martinez asked a Las Vegas judge this AM to keep search warrant documents related to Applied Pharmacy secret until January 18.” {}

This would’ve been after the TII movie came out, and in fact after the TIAI redirects were already in progress. This was a “Big clue” about a “significant date” and a Jackson “Mystery Date”! Why would January 18 be a day when search warrant documents would no longer be “secret”? That day is a holiday! Why wouldn’t they say that the documents would be de-classified on January 19 (which is not a holiday, and when things would not be closed for the holiday)? January 18 is a holiday right after the weekend, so it should’ve been either January 15 or January 19—unless of course this was a “big clue” about a “significant date”, a “mystery date”, when MJ would return! (P.S. On January 18, don’t forget to check TMZ!)

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1-7. Why Would the “Return” Depend on Hoaxers?

Several have asked: why would the timing of the MJ return be dependent (at least partly) upon few thousand hoax believers, and their understanding/accepting the TIAI information? A simple answer is that the reaction of the few before the return, can be a pretty good indicator of the reaction of the many after the return

But think about it. After returning, MJ can speak publicly about the environment and other issues related to healing the world; but with some aspects, well I think you can figure things out. As soon as MJ returns, there will be a stampede on all the hoax forums; there will be tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, suddenly interested in what we have been investigating and saying all along. So if we hoax believers now are united on the reasons for the hoax: it will be much more effective when others come asking questions, than if we are all confused and disagreeing on the reasons for the hoax.

Here is how Mo put it: “It’s a process to make people AWARE of what is going on. If you don’t research, read, learn and understand, you won’t become aware. If S.T.U.D.Y., TS or any Anonymous poster would have told you plain out who he/she is and where all the info he/she has came from, you would not have read the full explanation and wouldn’t have learned anything. TIAI pointed out to conspiracies and NWO, and those issues were rejected by a lot of people until TIAI pointed out to them. Me? Guilty as charged… I skipped the ‘Illuminati’ threads as well until TIAI forced me to look into this whole issue. After researching it, and not reading up on the conspiracies and NWO only, a lot of things became clear to me.” {}

So if there are any questions or objections that I have not addressed in this thread, please post them in the replies below; and I will answer them directly right here in the replies (I will watch this thread pretty closely, for the next week or two, and respond to things as needed—so as to help clear the way as far as possible for a speedy “Return”).

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1-8. TMZ News and Clues Related to TIAI

In addition to what was already mentioned above (about TIAI update announced two days before the investigation completed announcement): there are other cases where the TMZ news and clues came shortly after TIAI—which shows that TIAI was not copying TMZ.

The TIAI reveal on 12-21-09 was announced on 12-15-09 {}; this was a few days before TMZ announced that the MJ FBI files would be released on Monday 12-21-09 {; it did get delayed until 12-22,}. There were 333 FBI pages released, which is the difference between 666 and 999 (the Dangerous autograph code). For those who are new to this 9-9-09 numerology, I will have an updated version of it in the next few days {}.

Speaking of 9-9-09, the redirect for 12-16 & 12-17 was “99”—which was 99 days from 9-9-09 (inclusive on the 16th, and standard on the 17th). 99 is also 9 + 9 = 18 (January 18, MLK day); and then two days later, on December 18, TMZ posted this video of LaToya Jackson Christmas shopping (although posted on the 18th, she did the actual shopping on the “99” redirect day). At 0:47, the camera points to a “9.99” price tag for about 5 seconds {}.

Another TMZ “coincidence” was on 12-8-09. This was the middle of the conspiracy / NWO section of redirects (part 7); and it was also one day after the Google search redirect with Pearl Harbor (12-7) & 911, etc. On December 8, TMZ had six different articles with “911” in the article heading {see TIAI Revealed, Part 7}. Occasionally, TMZ has one or two articles with “911” in the heading on the same day; once in a rare while, three. But whenever was there six different “911” articles on the same day? And remember, six is the number of the NWO (conspiracies), the beast (666), etc.

Back on November 23, the TIAI redirect was the People magazine article about Conrad Murray. But the redirect was done the night before, as usual, late November 22 (California time). After that redirect, on the 23rd, Conrad Murray was mentioned repeatedly in the TMZ news {see TIAI Revealed, Part 6}.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
1-9. TIAI and STUDY Predictions that Came True

On November 5, TIAI pointed to the “V for Vendetta” page on Wikipedia (not a movie trailer, or YouTube showing of it, etc). This was sadly fulfilled by the Evan Chandler suicide. This news was reported on November 17, which was also the 70th anniversary one night showing of “The Wizard of Oz”. But TIAI redirected the night before, as usual, and pointed to a Wikipedia photo with the Yellow Brick road and Emerald City behind. This photo came from the Emerald City page on Wikipedia, not the Wizard of Oz page {}. What are the odds that the E-van C-handler news came out on this same day, and had the same initials as E-merald C-ity, all by coincidence?

Yet another “coincidence” is that TIAI pointed to the “2012” movie trailer, more than a week before the MJ parallels were made public. And is it just a coincidence that the TIAI domain name, with all these predictions coming true, is operated by STUDY—which also had several predictions come true?

STUDY predicted, more than a month before “This Is It” was seen by the public, that the MJ “resurrection” scene would not be at a funeral with MJ coming out of the casket; instead, it would be a graveyard scene (see TIAI Revealed, Part 6). This came true, with the graveyard and spider “resurrection” scene during Thriller 2.

How did STUDY know that there would be any MJ “resurrection” scene at all? Several people were expecting a resurrection scene in TII from the setting of the burial at Forest Lawn (MJ hopping out of the casket). In fact, when I first made my MJ resurrection prediction, it was before the TII trailer was released—so the public didn’t even know if there would be any Thriller 2 or graveyard scenes in the movie at all, much less any MJ resurrection scene!

Another STUDY prediction was that “This Is It” would reveal the hoax, which it did (lack of MJ R.I.P., or any mention of his death; Smooth Criminal hoaxed death; MJ BAM statement after the credits; etc). Some interpreted “reveal the hoax” to mean that MJ would “Return” to public knowledge at that time; and although this was possible, it did not happen. But I used “Return” for that concept; and indeed the DVD version of TII uses the very same word, “Staging the Return”! {—then click on “Special Features”}

If all this is coincidence: how is it that STUDY is also the one who decoded the 1998 MJ autograph codes, the 77 days from death to 9-9-09, the 7 days from memorial to 9-9-09, and predicted the 9-9-09 connections with TII a couple of days before 9-9-09? {;}

Since some of you are new, and/or did not read the STUDY predictions before they came true: so I asked those who did remember these things, to post their testimony; and here are some quotes, from old MJHD members.

“I remember very clearly S.T.U.D.Y’ s predictions and posts on the old MJHD….and they did happen. I doubt it is someone yanking our chains….I would be paying attention.” {; Adi}

“TS has left us clues to things BEFORE theyve happened….not like on LKL blogs where they give clues to things AFTER they have happened.” {; The Jacksonologist}

“I very much enjoyed all of your post on MJHD, everything that you stated above regarding all of your previous post are true.” {; Mish1981}

“Yes I rember you study and yes you did predict everything ahead.” {; misha86}

“So yes, i remember them very well and all what you are saying here i remember!
i even posted something under one of the treads, on the old MJHD, as proof that i’d read it before, the prediction came true unfortunately, that’s all gone now.. but not out of my head!” {; francisca81}

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
1-10. Review of Evidences that TIAI is Genuine

Since many people didn’t get it last time (in the 9 parts): let’s go over very briefly some of the more significant TIAI and STUDY “coincidences” (actually, evidences that TIAI is genuine). They are numbered, below.

#1. MJ investigation complete, only two days after TIAI announced this update.
#2. 333 pages of FBI files, planned release on same day as TIAI Revealed.
#3. $9.99 while LaToya shopping, connecting with “99” days after 9-9-09.
#4. Six 911 articles on TMZ, the day after TIAI conspiracies on Google (911, etc).
#5. Murray on TMZ news four times, the same day as the TIAI Murray redirect.
#6. Vendetta on 11-5; Evan Chandler / Emerald City on 11-17 (70th anniversary).
#7. 2012 trailer, a week before “Jackson” and many other MJ parallels came out.
#8. TII Resurrection scene in a graveyard (not funeral & casket, etc).
#9. TII would Reveal the hoax (Smooth Criminal, no RIP, BAM statement, etc).
#10. TII would show the MJ “Return” (this very word is now on the DVD).
#11. 1998 autograph codes; 77 days & 7 days all pointed to 9-9-09, and was fulfilled by several TII and MJ related events.

Can any of you TIAI opposers show evidence like I have above, that you know more about the hoax than this—in advance? Can you explain how these “coincidences” all happened? And in fact, can any of those on the internet claiming to be MJ—or an MJ inside informer—can any of you show a history of accurate predictions like this, or even half as many?

Or can anyone show that either TIAI or STUDY ever said anything that was inaccurate? Or ever predicted anything that did not come true?? If so, please post it in the replies below. And if not, then why all the opposition?

Yes, as I said in TIAI Revealed (Part 6): STUDY did predict the MJ return at Halloween. And indeed, I tried hard to prepare hoax believers for that to happen; but it did not happen, at least in part because MJHD was forbidding discussion on the very subjects that needed to be understood (conspiracies, NWO, etc).

Furthermore, as I said in TIAI Revealed (Part 6): TMZ news about when the Murray investigation would be completed, has always been a clue about the timing of the MJ return. Now that TMZ has said the investigation is complete, we can see this fact even clearer.

And last fall, these TMZ clues were clearly pointing to the MJ return around Halloween; so, once again, the MJ return had to be delayed. Clear back on September 16, 2009, TMZ reported: “Jackson Probe Coming in for a Landing Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the Michael Jackson homicide case will be presented to the L.A. County District Attorney in 3 to 4 weeks. We’re told the lion’s share of the investigation has been completed and Dr. Conrad Murray remains the singular target.” {, exclusives}. Then on October 8, 2009, TMZ reported: “… the investigation into MJ’s death should wrap up next week — and Murray is still the sole target.” {}

Here we are again. Fortunately, though, this time around we have made some progress. MJHD is no longer banning important MJ hoax topics. TIAI has increased awareness of these same important topics. And TMZ has gone a step further in the Murray investigation report; TMZ now says that it has actually been completed—instead of saying it will be completed in a week (like they said last fall).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
1-11. The Lynyrd Skynyrd Example

Although the majority of comments about TIAI have been very positive, yet there have been several complaints and objections that need to be addressed. But before getting into any further details, let me tell a short story. Whether it is true or not isn’t important—the point is still the same; nevertheless, it was told to me as a true story.

The Lynyrd Skynyrd band was eating in a restaurant one day, when someone put money in the jukebox and picked “Sweet Home Alabama”. Then the band chimed in, and started singing along. Soon the man who paid for the song on the jukebox asked them to stop singing, because this was his favourite song—and he wanted to hear the real band singing it, not them! The band kindly stopped singing; but when they were leaving, they asked the waitress (who knew that they were Lynyrd Skynryd) to let the jukebox man know who they really were—once they were gone.

I think that the point to the story is obvious. Some hoax believers don’t know MJ quite as well as they might think. In fact, if MJ were here personally on these forums, some of the MJ “fans” would reject what he said and even say unkind things to him—and not even realize that it was him!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
1-12. MJ Was a Jehovah’s Witness

A very common complaint about TIAI, was that it’s too religious—and/or that it’s just someone using MJ and the hoax to push his own personal religion on MJ hoax believers. With “Sweet Home Alabama” ringing in our ears: let us examine both of these complaints.

First of all, only 5 of the 49 redirects were Bible verses—that is only 10%. And when I asked for people to “make that change”, and start with the “Man in the Mirror”, I did not even mention any specifics; I left it up to your own person convictions. So how could that be me promoting my own personal beliefs?

Furthermore, I did not promote any specific religious organization. I am not personally a Jehovah’s Witness, and I am not trying to promote the Jehovah’s Witness organization (WatchTower) and/or the entire Jehovah’s Witness belief system. Nevertheless, I do believe some of the Witnesses doctrines. And many of you know already, MJ was JW an official member until 1987 {}. Frequently, he would go door to door—even while touring. Sometimes he would wear a disguise, but not always. With no disguise, people would often ask him if anyone ever told him that he looked like MJ—and he would say “Yes, I hear that a lot!”

At least here in the United States, Witnesses often “witness” more than any other religion—when religious people knock on your door, it is probably the Jehovah’s Witnesses. So MJ was very religious! In fact, look at what he put on the Thriller video: “Jackson, who at the time was a Jehovah’s Witness, added a disclaimer to the start of the video, saying: ‘Due to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this film in no way endorses a belief in the occult.’” {;}

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
1-13. MJ’s Religious Beliefs After 1987

What about when he disassociated himself in 1987, was that because he didn’t want to be religious anymore? No, according to LaToya, it was more about how the WatchTower leaders treated him and especially his sister (see Growing Up in the Jackson Family, by LaToya Jackson

Many of MJ’s songs have a religious message, songs both before and after 1987, including “Man in the Mirror” (which actually first came out in late 1987). So just because he left the WatchTower organization, doesn’t mean he stopped being religious.

In fact, he didn’t celebrate his first Christmas until six years after leaving the Witnesses {}; and even then, he had mixed feelings about it (the Witnesses don’t believe in celebrating Christmas). Obviously, then, MJ did not immediately abandon all Jehovah’s Witnesses beliefs when he resigned.

Almost twenty years after leaving the WatchTower, Michael spoke very highly of his religious upbringing (which was as a Jehovah’s Witness). “Caring, and reading the Bible; learning about God, Jesus, love. Jesus said bring on the children; imitate the children, you know, be like little children. And to take care of others—take care of old people. And we were raised [as Jehovah’s Witnesses] with those values; those are very important values. And my family and I; we were raised with those values, and they continue, strong in us today.” {2005 Geraldo interview, start at 3:43}

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
1-14. J.W. Influence Even After the MJ “Death”

This does not mean that Michael still holds all of the same beliefs that he had in earlier years. But on the other hand, he does still have some of those beliefs.

The MJ will, signed seven years before the memorial, states: “If any of my children are minors at the time of my death, I nominate my mother, KATHERINE JACKSON as guardian of the persons and estates of such minor children.” {}. As you probably know, Katherine is one of the very few family members who is still a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

TMZ, who has inside information about the Jacksons, said “Multiple sources in the Jackson family tell us even if Katherine Jackson gets custody of Michael Jackson‘s kids, Michael’s big sister Rebbie Jackson will raise the children.” {}. Rebbie is the only other immediate family member, who is still a Jehovah’s Witness. And surely you have all seen the picture of the children attending the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall. {;}

The private memorial on July 7 has been referred to as a “Jehovah’s Witness Ceremony” (with Jehovah’s Witness family friend, Wendell Hawkins, addressing the guests). However, it was not an official Witness ceremony.

If MJ were really dead, we might think that these things were done without his knowledge or approval; since he is alive and directing behind the scenes (Liberian Girl), we know that MJ himself is still at least somewhat favourable towards the beliefs of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
1-15. Some of the J.W. Beliefs

Well then, since Michael Jackson still holds some of the Witness beliefs: is it possible that some of these beliefs are found in This Is It and/or This Is Also It? Yes, it’s not only a possibility, it’s an actual reality.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are concerned about the environment, including specifically
“The Rape of the Rain Forests” {}. They also believe that the earth was once covered by a literal global flood (Noah and the ark), as recorded in Genesis {}; and this belief was mentioned in TIAI Revealed, Part 9. Additionally, the Witnesses are concerned about secret societies, which was a major subject in TIAI. {;;}

Last but not least: Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that we are living in the last days—the end of the world. Some even believe in the specific year 2012, though not all; but they do all believe in an end-time apocalypse and Armageddon scenario. {;}

In fact, this belief is so important to them, that “Are We Living in the Last Days?” is currently the top article on the home page of the official WatchTower website! {;;}

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
1-16. The New World Order?

This subject generated responses from one extreme, that the New World Order (NWO) doesn’t even exist—and in fact can’t possibly exist—all the way to the other extreme of: “We’ve known about the NWO for decades, so TIAI was just a waste of time.” Well guess what: both of these two extreme complaints can’t possibly be true! And in fact, neither of the complaints are valid.

Even if all hoax believers already understood the NWO/conspiracy aspects (and many did not, before TIAI): still, the redirects and explanations of them (TIAI Revealed) are not just for hoax investigators now—they are also for the MJ fan stampede, which will surely hit the hoax web pages once the MJ return occurs. Furthermore, there has been a major awakening on these subjects since the start of TIAI—not only on the hoax forums, but also on YouTube and other websites. The MJalive999 video on TIAI part 1 now has more than 16,000 views! {}

For those who thought that the NWO doesn’t even exist (because if it did, they would control the internet—and we wouldn’t be able to find any information about them): the NWO is very powerful, but not all powerful. There are still many good people in powerful positions in this world; in fact, there are some good people in the secret societies (although in the lower levels, where they don’t really understand the agenda of the upper levels).

None questioning the existence of the NWO bothered to step up to the plate, and explain why there has never been any video of an airplane flying into the Pentagon. If this doesn’t convince you of major conspiracy in our own government, then nothing will. And if you are convinced of this, then you can be certain that the NWO is very real and very powerful (USA being the most powerful government on earth); and in fact George Bush Sr. is the one who announced the “New World Order” (see again the EndGame trailer in TIAI Revealed, Part 3). Neither did any NWO skeptic bother to explain why JFK Jr’s fuel selector was shut off, during his plane crash.

Do MJ and Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in conspiracies and the NWO, etc? Yes, they do! In fact, MJ specifically put the JFK conspiracy in his 1995 “Tabloid Junkie” song (which is actually about lies in all the media—not just tabloid media): “JFK exposed the CIA. Truth be told the grassy knoll” {;}. You see, MJ was showing that JFK was killed for exposing conspiracies in our own government (CIA). And the “truth” about JFK is the “grassy knoll”, which is the conspiracy version of the killing—not the government’s “lone gunman” theory {}.

When MJ was talking in “This Is It”, about the 4 years: he said don’t wait for the government. And in the song “They Don’t Really Care About Us”, the word “they” is not primarily about the media. {;;;}

The banned version of the video is about prison {}—and who runs prisons: the media, or the government? The other version has MJ singing “you can never kill me” {at 1:05,}; and this is while he’s standing beside the NWO all-seeing eye, that is also on the back of the USA one dollar bill (which says Novus Ordo Seclorum under the eye, and is Latin for New World Order {}).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
1-17. The End of the (New) World (Order)?

As we already saw above, Jehovah’s Witnesses do believe that the end of the world is near. Different people have different ideas about what will take place at the “end of the world”; but many Christians and even other religions believe that something major is very near.

MJ himself was very clear about the 4 years; and even if it was only the environment (and he never said that the 4 years is only about the environment): it would still be the end of the world, if the damage to the environment becomes irreversible.

Also, the “2012” movie came from Sony—just like “This Is It”; and Tommy Mottola is no longer with Sony {}. The “2012” movie came out right after “This Is It”, and the “Jackson” and many other MJ parallels in “2012” are not just coincidence. Therefore, MJ does believe that the end of the world is near.

The original “2012” trailer had a message at the end, recommending people take it seriously and not just fiction: “Find Out the Truth Google Search: 2012” {}. Currently, if you type a “2” into the Google search window (or YouTube), the very first suggestion is “2012” (and about three more suggestions below have “2012” in them). This means that a lot of people are searching for truth about the end of the world.

Yes, there are scientists who say, “Don’t worry about the end of the world”. But there are also well-known sources who say that it’s a realistic possibility. For one, the History Channel takes 2012 seriously; it shows multiple prophecies and factors pointing to the end of the world in our time—some of which even point specifically to 2012 {}.

Many people are refusing to believe in the end of the world, merely because they don’t want to believe it—not because it isn’t true (or a lack of evidence). But who are the bigger fools: the ones who believe and are ready, yet it does not come—or the ones who don’t believe and are not ready, and then it does come??

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
1-18. The End of This TIAI Update

If you don’t want to believe in the end of the world, and/or you don’t want to be religious: that is your right; Michael respects your right, and God respects your right. However, just because you have a right to be non-religious, does not mean that Michael is not very religious.

Do not dismiss TIAI, under the claim that it is too religious, merely because you yourself are not religious. If you can document that what I have presented is not what MJ believes, then please do so; but if not, then don’t say that TIAI isn’t Michael’s message (unless of course you’d rather listen to “Sweet Home Alabama” on the jukebox).

And now to wrap up this long update, with a few closing comments. There has been a suggestion that my motive for TIAI is money; at some point I will supposedly ask MJ fans for money, maybe even asking people to pay for Michael to come back. This idea is absolutely out of touch with reality. There are a lot of scams out there, which you do need to be careful about. But the minute TIAI starts asking for money, you will be welcome to dismiss TIAI and everything about it. It’s all for L.O.V.E., not money!

Someone else suggested that the redirects merely continued until I got bored, then they ended. This in spite of the fact that they clearly ended on a planned date, 12-21 (three years from 12-21-2012). It was also on the 21st of the month (7+7+7 = 21), and TIAI Revealed was the 49th redirect (7×7 = 49). Furthermore, the whole thing was well organized into 9 parts (9-9-09); the first 2 parts were introductory, and then 7 main parts about the redirects. Does this sound like it was a random ending, when I got bored? Or was it all planned?

Several have said things such as this: “He did not give any concrete evidence of how he knows that Michael is alive besides the clues from TII which we had already discussed about and were aware of.” I can only say to people like this, please read the 9 parts again; and this time, pay more attention when you are reading. I gave abundant evidence that I have repeatedly known things about the hoax in advance (things that others did not know); and I also repeatedly stated that MJ is alive. If these things don’t qualify as “concrete evidence”—then what would? Anything???

Many people on the internet have done a good job of picking up the TIAI message, and running with it—for which I am thankful. For your information, though, the other internet sites are not run by; the only other site I operate is

Please encourage other hoaxers to read this update, especially the ones who have doubted or even opposed TIAI. Because once the opposition to MJ’s message has gone away, then MJ will be ready to “Return”!

Finally, several times I have been accused of manipulation. As with most words, manipulation can have more than one meaning; but it has been used in a negative sense. So with a negative meaning, we find definitions like this: “to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one’s own advantage
{}. Can the complainers bring any evidence whatsoever that I’ve been “unfair”, “insidious”, and/or done anything to my “own advantage”???

What I have done, is worked hard to promote truth about MJ: “the truth will prevail”! I’m only trying to help spread the truth, Michael’s message, and help people be ready for the end of the world—nothing more, and nothing less. If that is a crime, then I will be the first one to eagerly plead guilty.

LilWendy comments:

*talking to myself* Ok breathe lilwendy… breathe…. relax…. calm down… ok gather your thoughts… think rationally… hey interesting that mjawakening is coming to an end and then we get this…. hmmmmm.

Ok I read it all and… my reaction…. finally!  Let’s get the message out!

At this point, I don’t care who says what… all I care about is 1) is it truth? 2) is it biblical? 3) is it harming people or benefiting them?

All I know is from personal testimony.

This is all stuff I know to be true and biblical.  It has not steered me away from my God.

If anything it has given me the shake up I need to open my eyes to what is going on around me.   To get me studying again (my bible and other resources).  It got me listening to MJ’s music and more importantly the lyrics and woke me up to the fact that I never really listened to the lyrics of the songs I was listening to! LOL.  Weird I know.  It’s the beat… it just takes over!

It has also opened my heart.  It has turned me from a self centered human being more concerned about how I could fix me into a person who realizes that I am flawed and even though I am flawed, God can still use me to do great amazing things!

Here’s a comment I shared with another person in another part of my blog… speaking to MJ:

You have turned my world upside down for the better. You have challenged me to be a better Christian. You have inspired me to know myself, my body, my brain and it’s capabilities. You have enlightened me that God has equipped me with all I need to be anything I want to be – I just need to access it. There is so much in this world I don’t understand but what I do know is I have hope for the future. I am excited about where I am going and with the pay it forward mentality, I am excited to bring as many people along with me as I can! I love you for this. A love from one human on her journey to one man on his journey. Hopefully our paths will cross but if they don’t physically, they already have on another realm. Thank you.

This pretty much sums up my thoughts.  I’m ready.

I’m ready to spread the message.  I’m ready to make a difference.  I accept my God given role as an ambassador of LOVE.   I guess my tagline from the beginning was more appropriate than I could have imagined… nothing is coincidence… Helping Create an Army of L.O.V.E.

I love you all…


~ by lilwendy on January 12, 2010.

13 Responses to “ – Is the wait almost over??!!”

  1. this is huge little brain needs time to comprehend all the information.i need more coffeinee..ha ha

  2. you are phenomenal lilwendy,i love you too

  3. you are phenomenal lilwendy.

  4. its all for L.O.V.E.

  5. ahhh lilwendy,i so very much love your blog,every day after work cant wait to get home and check your news

  6. Hey I love your blog. I’ve been checking out for quite some time. What did that thread say? Unfortunately, the website is not working for me. Is there any way you can summarize it for me. I keep trying to get into the site and I’m wondering if it’s my computer or the website. And I agree with what you said. Love ya back!

    • Oh my gosh! The hoax forum is down! Summary: Said MJ is alive. He’s coming back probably this month. Went through all the things we’ve been through, how TMZ knows things and have been giving clues, etc. Jan 18th is a possible day – MLK day, mentioned in previous TMZ posts as a key day. Jan 25th is a possible day as well – 7 months post “death”. The 7’s again! There was so much more than that but that was a main stuff. Hope that helps!

    • Ok I updated the post… the link that doesn’t work got a copy of the post. Read and tell me your thoughts!

      • Thanks for the update! I really appreciate it. I am excited really. I always liked TIAI messages but always had a slight critical eye on them, along with anything else not directly related to MJ (like the memorial, funeral, etc.). However, I didn’t totally dismiss the website because of this. I took in the message and thought that this and MJAwakening were the only two websites that seem to be the most likely directly related and/or influenced by the man himself. I could be wrong but call it a hunch. And I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks that things are starting to come to a close (in a way). When I heard that the investigation was coming to a close, I didn’t freak out, like many others; I was more excited because I remember what S.T.U.D.Y. said in the TIAI revealed about October update on TMZ about the investigation almost coming to a close. I think this may just be it and we’ll get all the answers and more soon…very soon. Yet I think we already have the answers and an idea of what this is all about. We’ve been researching, dissecting and analyzing for the past seven months. I am expecting whatever to come. I’m going to stick to this until my gut says let it go. Until then, I’ll be keeping an eye on MJ and his messages.

        I am still curious why the website shut down and/or stopped working soon after this message. Very interesting to say the least.

      • Everybody probably went to the site to see the post and it got overloaded. That’s my guess. I’m with you though, when my gut tells me to let go, I will.

  7. hey wendy, well said! with love, sas

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