MJAwakening – Inspector Cluseau’s Clue 0.0.7.


This is It Movie Poster and ““If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up…””

Enough said – Wake up!  That was the whole point!  MJAWAKENING!

I always try to look at both side of the coin (dead or alive) and I just hope the “wake up” is not also referring to that we have to realize that MJ is dead and move on.  Sorry to be a downer but gotta look at both possibilities.

In any case, like I’ve said time and time again… we have work to do! We have people to touch! We have lives to change.  We are the core…. the nucleus… and from here our impact will spread!  Just imagine if each of us just committed to the pay it forward philosophy…


~ by lilwendy on January 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “MJAwakening – Inspector Cluseau’s Clue 0.0.7.”

  1. if i were cast away on a desert island i could have only michaels’ music and one book with me there,by louis l.hay.
    “how perfect you were when you were a tiny baby.babies do not have to do anything to become perfect,they are already perfect,and they act as if they know it.they know they are the center of the universe.they are not afraid to ask for what they want.they freely express their emotions.you know when a baby is angry,if fact,the whole neighborhood knows.you also know when they are happy,for their smiles light up a room.they are full of love.
    tiny babies will die if they do not get love.once we are older we learn to live without love,but babies will not stand for it.babies also love every part of their bodies,even their own feces.they have incredible courage.
    i was like that.we were all like that.then we began to listen to adults around us who had learned to be fearful,and we began to deny our own magnificence.

    deep at the center of my being,there is an infinite well of love.i now alow this love to flow to the surface.it fills my heart .my body ,my consciousness,my very being,and radiates out from me in all directions and returns to me multiplied.
    the more love i use and give the more i have to give.the suplly is endless.the use of love makes me feel good,it is an expession of my inner joy”

    love you michael.love you lilwendy.love you all

    • Aurora, this comment blessed me in a way words can not express. My heart is very very full right now. Thank you! I love you more (as MJ would say) 🙂

  2. Did you know that Pay It Forward movie was mentioned on Kenny Ortega’s Twitter not too long ago? And I think the movie is playing on HBO on January 18th. Perhaps another coincidence? lol

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