Keep the Faith!

Thanks to MJJisAWESOME for making this!


~ by lilwendy on January 11, 2010.

One Response to “Keep the Faith!”

  1. it might sound strange the dream i had with 2 weeks before michaels’ ‘death’.that ‘something’ will happen and michael will change the world.the very next morning being still lost in the strange dream i experienced the most overwhelming feeling ever of saddness..and said out loud;what will happenn michael?what?then my eyes and ears were wide open listening the news,i would read anything involving michael.i knew something will come,i felt it from the bottom of my heart.then ‘that’news came up.i was crushed,but i said to myself this cant be true,in my dream michael said he will change the world.he CANT leave us like closest ones tought ive lost it,but i know what my heart tells me.only you can save us michael,im following you,wherever you are guiding us in this adventure,im here.i will be you all.

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