MJAwakening Inspector Cluseau’s Clue 0.0.5.


“What more can I GIVE?”

“What if I ASK?”

Picture of Monica Stewart’s “Unity”

Four women dance together dressed in different cultural clothing, showing that they come from a range of lands and peoples. Although they might be from different backgrounds, they still come together in their own dance of unity.

(excerpt from http://artpassions.com/art/1107-African-American/0000042872-Monica-Stewart-Unity.html)

So here we are… all brought together by MJ’s death… from all over the world.  We MUST unite.  However, it’s not enough to come together to mourn MJ or to hash over clues (depending on what your beliefs are).  We need to come together with one purpose and one mission… and that I believe is to spread LOVE as MJ said… It’s all for love… L.O.V.E.

What more can I give?  What if I ask?

United we stand!

So thank you again MJAwakening for awakening the call to action!


~ by lilwendy on December 29, 2009.

One Response to “MJAwakening Inspector Cluseau’s Clue 0.0.5.”

  1. one of my favorite videos , love it.

    Your message is well thought out and wonderful to read

    thank you for taking the time


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