Recruiting Soldiers for Michael’s Army of L.O.V.E.

I personally love this post as this is what it has been all about from the beginning for me:

My tagline:  “Helping create an army of LOVE” and my post from Oct 29/09 – Why did he do it?

Also if you happen to read this on my blog first and want to respond to the call for support, please click the link here and respond.  DO NOT respond via comment on my blog.

Recruiting Soldiers for Michael’s Army of L.O.V.E.

Please post at least your support for Michael’s Army of L.O.V.E. And additionally, entirely voluntarily, you can mention specifics that you are willing to do: starting with the “Man in the Mirror”, make that “change”; maybe a New Year’s resolution. And then go beyond yourself, and reach out to others, joining together in helping to “Heal the World”. This is Michael’s message; This Is It.

Even if you still believe that MJ is dead (or alive, but will never come back): the basic message is still just as important. So please don’t let doubt, as to whether MJ is still alive, stop you from helping to “heal the world”.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a phishing scam; so please do not post your personal information. We want a quantity of people to show their support; but we are not asking for name, address, phone number, or other private info. Beware of anyone trying to get you to give out your personal information!

Additionally: please keep this thread only for Army Of L.O.V.E. support and discussion. If you want to talk about things in the TIAI Revealed threads,
please do that under one of the 9 parts.


~ by lilwendy on December 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Recruiting Soldiers for Michael’s Army of L.O.V.E.”

  1. @Lilwendy: read the 9 parts- sometimes i loose the thin red line that connects all 9 parts, but I do not give up trying to get it all in my head. I posted a reply about the army of LOVE on MJHD- forum/ title:”…. we have only 3 years left”.
    Would you go on teaching me although I might not understand the big picture right away? Would you still be there if I sing out of tune. Will you still love also me whe I rebel?

    • I don’t see myself as a teacher however I am just sharing my journey. Ah yes the lost art of relationship… Connecting with people… Sharing yourself. If I can teach you anything by doing these things, then I am here. Let’s become more loving, caring people as a result of all of this.

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