– 2009 Calendar – 2009 Calendar

Oh! Dates highlighted!  What do they mean?

Oh… they are holidays…

Oh! Well!  What’s the 1/09, 2/09, etc.

Oh… that’s the quarters, 1st quarter, 2nd quarter….

Ok where did this calendar come from… where is the source

Oh there is a blurb under the calendar… a very strange blurb… with some weird comments which I’ve highlighted in red.

Here we have the calendar and all that stuff about the year 2009. This New Year is very important for us, and the good life. Humans care more about others and about the nature, and they are warned about having a good health.

The calendar we want to present in this site, contains everything about all the things that must occurred in the calendar 2009, is a year of big changes, in an important level. Contains everything referred to the year 2009, significant developments, all holidays, anniversaries, all weekend long for you to travel abroad or inside your country, and make any escape. Also the timetable you will know that dates are the birthdays of friends, relatives or acquaintances. You will have the schedule on line to be able to print and hung. With the schedule can fill all the grids that you want to your liking, and so keep your life and your commitments in a more orderly and disciplined.

It is important to have a schedule or calendar to know the date’s homelands, the days of the saints, when it begins and ends or the Easter Holy Week, which is Christmas day, good night, the end of the year, when the Kings come, and many things that the schedule will help you remember. You can see the anniversaries of your life, the wedding anniversary, when it is the birthday of your children, on world countries, the new world anniversaries as the most important days declared by the UN.

It is a very important tool both the timetable for the person on an individual basis, such as for working in dependency ratio and the employer. All always need to have at hand an almanac, with the important dates of the week, or hours of the day with meetings, tasks, events to be fulfilled. Also using the almanac, or calendar is ideal for students, for those who go to primary school is to record the dates of examinations, tournaments, parties, birthdays, schedules appointments, parties soccer, rugby, television, and holidays. For large employers, and their employees, it’s nice to have the agenda or timetable, because it depends for 80% of a good organization. It was also used to conduct business gifts to give events, meetings, lectures, meetings, birthdays, personal issues, namely of important dates, holidays, keep in mind some anniversaries, and always work in tandem with an almanac is the most advisable. The statistics suggest that any job well organized and disciplined, is due to the good management of an almanac, organizer, address book or calendar.

Here you can have yours, you can print blank to fill the grid, or print complete with all the dates, anniversaries, dates homelands, global dates, anniversaries, phrases, Christmas, New Year, Easter, breakaways, Easter, fairs, summer vacation, winter break, and complete calendar ideal to have on hand and can compare. We will add anything new, every day memorial, which impose recreation states, holidays, taking officers or presidents of the Vatican issues, and always on the verge of doing more and more complete.

You can give us your help and fails if any important date, either globally or for your country, it would be perfectly feasible and will be added to our files.

Welcome to calendario 2009, will soon calendar 2010, and successive.

Ok was this weird for you too?  This person must be in a different country because the use of words sounds like English is a second language or was translated not very well.

This is the only thing that I can think of right now…


~ by lilwendy on December 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “ – 2009 Calendar”

  1. “calendario” is calendar in spanish. if you click the link the extention of .com is es which is a page from spain. someone from spain created the page. hope it helps.

  2. “anniversaries, dates homelands, global dates, anniversaries….Easter, breakaways, Easter”….ANNIVERSARIES and EASTER. That’s odd that it’s repeated like that.

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