www.thisisalsoit.com/TNZ – This is it AND This is also it

43. This is it and this is also it: http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-347355

TNZ: While thinking about ThisIsAlsoIt, don’t forget about This Is It 😉

Please keep in mind I still have not gotten caught up on the 10 or so redirects I have missed, however, I wanted to comment on this new one anyway.

Well this is very self explanatory.  I said it in a previous post, more people watched MJ’s memorial than the summit happening at the same time.  People are more interested in sensationalism… in dirt stories… in Tiger Woods and his alleged affairs (has anything been proven or are we being taken for a ride again?) and not paying attention to the true matters.  The relationships in our lives, the people hurting around us, the world affairs, the government matters…. we must look at our lives and ask… what is really important?

Even the www.thisisalsoit.com redirects!  This is only meant to open our eyes to the game around us.  This is not the game itself!

Many of us get it!  Many of us have opened our eyes and are doing our own independent investigations.  I know for me… this investigation has gone longer than it probably should because it is so mind blowing that this is/was going on right under my nose and I was SO BLIND!

Like Occam’s razor, I want to believe the easiest thing.  All this other government stuff is hurting my head!  But sometimes the truth hurts!

So let’s not get caught up in thisisalsoit… let’s open our eyes to thisisit… not the movie, but what is going on around us!

3 John 1:4 – I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.


~ by lilwendy on December 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “www.thisisalsoit.com/TNZ – This is it AND This is also it”

  1. how do i go to another page of yours there is no next or pevious

    • Just click on the main title “Lilwendy’s Investigation” and it will take you to the main page with the most recent post. At the very bottom of that post you will see “previous entries” – Hope that helps!

    • I also added an “Archives” by month listing that should show on the right side of every post now. If you click on the month it will show a listing of posts! Thanks for the comment as it helps me make my blog better!

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