– Daniel 6:22

38. (Dec 8) Daniel 6:22 … ersion=NLT

TNZ Comments:

  • While thinking about Daniel, don’t forget how changeable crowd love could be:
  • Daniel is a saint and prophet:
  • “MOST americans believe charges against Michael Jackson probably true.” Gullap poll, April 29, 2005
  • Since Jesus public was quick to exalt it’s heroes with only purpose to cast them down.
  • More statistic:2004(trial is in high gear) – TheUltimateCollection-13 prev. UNRELEASED tracks(!!!real new alb)-Billboard200 – (peak)154(!!!)

Daniel 6:22 (New Living Translation)

My God sent his angel to shut the lions’ mouths so that they would not hurt me, for I have been found innocent in his sight. And I have not wronged you, Your Majesty.”

So he was found innocent…  you know… innocent until proven guilty… and then still after not being proven guilty… still…. half the people polled believed he was guilty.

Why?  Because of the way the media portrayed the trial.

Confirmation that the media can and will control the beliefs of the masses.  This is a very dangerous place to be.  Mind control.

And it affected not only the record/CD sales of an incredible performer, but also swayed the view of who MJ was as a man and caused the masses to doubt the goodness of his character.

The hurt and pain he must have felt… the betrayal… and even more difficult was the fans.  Are they following MJ because they truly believed he was innocent or because they were infatuated with the idea of a man.  A man that media created as well.

That’s hard.  Oh God you know how my heart aches for him however like I said before, I do not pity him.  I will not pity him.

Michael, like Daniel, only need trust in God to deliver him through these times.

Here is a great commentary:

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary

The best way to have a good night, is to keep a good conscience. We are sure of what the king doubted, that the servants of the living God have a Master well able to protect them. See the power of God over the fiercest creatures, and believe his power to restrain the roaring lion that goes about continually seeking to devour. Daniel was kept perfectly safe, because he believed in his God. Those who boldly and cheerfully trust in God to protect them in the way of duty, shall always find him a present help. Thus the righteous is delivered out of trouble, and the wicked comes in his stead. The short triumph of the wicked will end in their ruin.

What more can be said.  There is only one thing we can do.  Turn to the only truth there is… LOVE.  God is LOVE.  ❤  Remember there is one God… many religions… but one God.

Trust in Him no matter what is going down.  Follow Him.  Live your life with integrity.


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