– Conspiracy theories

36. (Dec 6)  Google search “Conspiracy Theories”…&aq=f&oq=&aqi

The actual search is for the following: “conspiracy “pearl harbor” jfk rfk mlk “princess di” 911 titanic”

Some say that TIAI is capitalizing on MJ following and instilling fear in us… and creating confusion to control us.

Some say that TIAI is leading us to an awakening of what is really around us in the government with conspiracies, murders, etc.

Some say this means MJ is dead.

Some say this means MJ has avoided death.

Some say the purpose is to keep us occupied so we lose sight of the real crime – what happened on June 25th and the cover up of a murder.

Some say TIAI and TNZ are positives… some say negative.

I say who the heck cares!!!???

Bottomline make up your mind what you are going to believe in and ACT!!!!

We are a bunch of scaredy cats wanting to research everything to death to be 100% sure we are right before we act… you know what?  Sometimes you just have to move forward in faith!!!

Do what’s right!

I don’t need proof of anything to be reminded to love my neighbour, do good for others, pay it forward, share the wealth, add value to someone’s life, smile a little brighter, hug a little harder, love a little deeper, and get out of my box and live life in community and make a difference.

The message has been received.

PS Sorry for the rant… I’m just getting a little frustrated with myself getting all caught up in these redirects and not DOING anything about it.  Hopefully you hear my heart.)

TNZ blog and excerpts: (Whether you believe or not… is the message based in truth or a lie?  Can we find truth in it?)


This article is dedicated to those who whimper through days and nights on forums, that they are tired, bored, that they are fed up with clues and investigations, that everybody is trying to deceive them, to mock and to mess up.

To those who, day by day, keep on complaining, “understanding nothing” and asking “what does it mean for I don’t know what to think”

Do you ever estimate quality of your anticipation? Has it ever come in upon ur mind that you perhaps are not worth what you’re waiting for?

Do you ever wonder that you not only expectants, but there is also someone who is expecting something from you in return?

It’s all about his deceived expectations of comprehension, about his unavailing efforts to become conceived on the very deep and delicate level of his artistic individuality that could not be expressed by words.

It’s all about his vain pains and lost labors to set people thinking, to awake sleeping brains, to break up patterns of common perception.

“I must be cruel, only to be kind.” (Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Act 3, Scene 4)

“The worst mistake that you can make is to think you’re alive when really you’re asleep in life’s waiting room” (“Waking Life”)

“Which is the most universal human characteristic, fear or laziness?”

There is no such flight, there is no such plane, there is no such place on the earth where heaven rains ready answers for eternal questions. WHAT IS DEATH, WHAT IS LOVE, WHERE IS TRUTH. There’s no such Promised Land where these answers come with ease, pain(s)lessly, anguishlessly.

And there is no such anesthesia throughout the entire world to deaden the pain of knowing.

“If you can wake up, you should because someday you won’t be able to.” (“Waking Life”)

Now is the time.  We have a chance to wake up.  The cards are on the table.  Are we… am I going to do something with what I’ve been dealt?

The doubts that enter my mind are… but I am just one… what can I do?   And I guess therein lies the root of our non action.  GET THE LIE OUT OF MY HEAD!  I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE – WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE – IF WE RAISE OUR VOICE AS ONE.


~ by lilwendy on December 6, 2009.

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