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Well I’m having an investigators block… 🙂

Usually I like to find a deeper meaning from what we see at face value and usually it jumps out at me.

At first I thought this might be a magic eye photo and after being crosseyed for over 10 mins I came to the conclusion that it is not! 🙂

TNZ’s tweet:  TrueNewsZone while staring at “Love&Support”, don’t miss Santa(s) 😉

Ok I see the Santa’s…. and there was reference to the Orthodox Christmas Eve having a possible special meaning… so again a reference to Christmas…

Other than that…I DON’T GET IT…

Ok it says under the picture…

Collage, community in a good sense. People, love, cooperation and support.

Swedish to English translation: Collage of a community (eg social networking), in its best sense. People, love, cooperation, support.

Is the omission of eg social networking a clue or wanting us to pay attention to the social networking aspect of building our community?

Ok let’s see what you other brilliant investigators found:

Serenity’s Dream found the following

TrueNewsZone- Twitter

while thinking about Love & Support, don’t forget to refresh yester TMZ news:
38 minutes ago from web

This is at the side of the page…

Ok well there is a Copenhagen Climate Change conference coming up…

I was just thinking…. in relation to Climate Change there is a site called http://www.sealthedeal2009.org/ where they have a collage for change.  This made me think of the Michael Jackson mosaic collage… another way of showing support.

Oh I don’t know…I’m grasping at straws… ;-(


~ by lilwendy on November 29, 2009.

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