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Acts 14:20 – However, when the disciples gathered around him, he rose up and went into the city. And the next day he departed with Barnabas to Derbe.


@TrueNewsZone while thinking about Paul, don’t forget what it’s all for.

Ok so first off, NEVER read a bible verse without looking into the context of it.

So the disciples have been visiting many places and spreading the Gospel message.  It has been causing dissension and caused Paul and Barnabas to flee.

They visit two places in Acts 14, Lystra and Derbe, where the two are mistaken for pagan gods.

Some people have followed these two through their travels to hinder their work.  Just before verse 20, these people succeed in turning the crowds against Paul and Barnabas.

Paul is stoned and left for dead.

But he revives and continues preaching.

Verse 20 is about how Paul persevered.  When he was knocked down and left for dead, he rose again and continued on his mission.


I get knocked down, but I get up again You nay ever gonna keep me down….

Paul is very similar to MJ here.  MJ had a message he was spreading and many people sought out to take him down… conspiracy.

They tried to turn the masses against MJ and unfortunately to a large extent, they succeeded.

It’s very hard for a leader like MJ.  Many will “hero-worship” you and you can be on top of the world in the masses eyes one minute and then when you show your humanness, they will feel betrayed and hate you the next.

However, MJ, like the energizer bunny…keeps going and going and going… he is staying true to his mission.

I am really starting to believe that MJ is redirecting people back to what is all for… what everything we live for is… why we’ve been created….



~ by lilwendy on November 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “www.thisisalsoit.com/TNZ – Acts 14:20”

  1. The mission is definitely to bring people back to God and I suggest to you that the he has already revealed himself to us…”I am the Light of the World”.

  2. when I first read the passage…I admit I was CONFUSED..but I think I may have something..
    Derbe is the modern day Turkey…

    Now In Turkey lies where the Trojan War took place…
    As we know Michael was a great fan of greek mythology…
    The Trojan war started When The king of troy King Prima and Wife Hecuba’s son kidnapped the wife (helen) of Menelaus the king of Sparta. King Prima and Queen HecubA’S son name is Prince Paris.
    I dont know if it have any significant ut it made interesting reading…

    Paul believed that Jesus would return within his lifetime.[10] He expected that Christians who had died in the mean time would be resurrected to share in God’s kingdom, and he believed that the saved would be transformed, assuming spiritual bodies.[10]

    Paul’s teaching about the end of the world is expressed most clearly in his letters to the Christians at Thessalonica. Heavily persecuted, it appears that they had written asking him first about those who had died already, and, secondly, when they should expect the end. Paul regarded the age as passing and, in such difficult times, he therefore encouraged marriage as a means of happiness.[citation needed] He assures them that the dead will rise first and be followed by those left alive.[1 Thes. 4:16ff] This suggests an imminence of the end but he is unspecific about times and seasons, and encourages his hearers to expect a delay.[44] The form of the end will be a battle between Jesus and the man of lawlessness[2 Thess. 2:3] whose conclusion is the triumph of Christ.


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