Thisisalsoit clues to date – putting it all together

If you want to see an account of all the actual clues, go to my post:

One of the previous clues was Wikipedia Weiner Text picture:

Here was the pic:

So lets see if we can put this all together yet….

1. Michael Jackson Death Hoax Forum  – This is a hoax.

2. Trailer Movie 2012 – 4 years to make a difference

3. V for Vendetta –  we have to rise up together against an oppressive government

4. Trailer Movie EndGame: There is a global agenda going on as we speak. The media has been meticulously censored for over 60 years as part of an elite’s program to dominate the earth.

5. Sito Skaggs, The Final Curtain: This hoax is here to get us thinking about our earth, global affairs, and to open our eyes to what is going on.

6. Videoclip Liberian Girl: MJ is behind the hoax and he has employed many people to be part of this hoax.  If it’s anything like Liberian Girl… they may not know that they are part of it.

7. ARG Year Zero:  This is an ARG that we are a part of that will lead us to an end result.

8. YouTube 9/11: 9/11 was part of this global agenda.

9. ART Is Resistence :  Here we are empowered that we can make a difference… we can be heard if we lift our voices as one.  No guns.  No war.  No bloodshed.  Just our voices speaking the truth.

10. Wikipedia, Faked death – MJ faked his death for this.

11. Registrazione del dominio: This is the answer.

12. Wikipedia, Performance Art: Based on our move will determine what happens next.  We are being watched and this ARG will morph into what we make it.

13. Forum Death Hoax investigation: Keep discussing things together.  Figure this out.  Band together as a family.

14. Wikipedia Weiner Text picture: put the clues together and get the big picture.

15. Wizard of Oz:  The European fairy-tales of old often contained political allegory disguised as legend or myth in times of despotism when people were unable, sometimes even forbidden by law, to speak out about harsh, unfair treatment.  MJ tried to speak out in his songs and in speeches.  Nothing changed.  Not on a large enough scale anyway.  Everyone was scared of the wizard but in the end the wizard was scared of Dorothy and her friends.  Translation:  We may be fearful of the goverment, what going on in the world, etc. but really if we band together, the government should be afraid of us.

16. Movie 2012:  Summary:  Government aware of global impact event and meeting to come up with solutions.  They do but the earth is still crying out.  As things go crazy all around, one man comes out as the hero and saves humanity.

17. Biblegateway John 14:29 – We’ve been warned.


19. All for L.O.V.E.:  MJ is doing this all for LOVE.  Love of the planet.  Love for us.  Maybe it’s his calling?

20. Collider article:  There will be more footage to peruse on the DVD.

21. People mag article:  Things will not be revealed into 2010

22. DVD Easter Eggs:  Also look for hidden clues on the DVD

23. 77:  There is the G77, G24 and G8.  These are all groupings of countries that we need to be aware of.   Interestingly enough, more people paid attention to MJ memorial on July 7 2009 than the G8 summit July 8 – 10 2009.  Sad state of affairs.  Also note that the next summit is scheduled for Toronto, ON (Ontario same location as Club 77) June 25–27, 2010 OH YEAH PEOPLE EXACTLY 1 YEAR AFTER MJ’s DEATH!  SEE YOU IN JULY!!!!!!!!!!

24.  Psalm 30:4:  Michael’s enemies have not won, his health has been restored and he’s been saved from death.  Give God the glory and thanks!


25. Michael has escaped death… are their possible political enemies/allies?

27. Is something going to happen on Jan 6th?  Michael is rumored to be alive and his mission is one that will span generations.

28. MJ will continue to persevere in purpose and vision despite those who try to knock him down!


~ by lilwendy on November 29, 2009.

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