www.thisisalsoit.com/TNZ – TII Thriller and Christmas Eve Gogol

TIAI redirects to Thriller!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaoZ4UE9w3g

What’s interesting is it has subtitles (Russian?)  and it’s a mirror image of the actual one.

TNZ on their twitter is on top of things saying:  while thinking about TII ‘Thriller’ with ukrainian subtitles, don’t forget about “Christmas Eve” by Gogol 😉 


Again we have Thriller and the cemetery scene.  So to me this is parallelling MJs death and being in the grave.  However, some have said that the video is a mirror image or reverse so does this mean a resurrection?  Or could it just be a man in the mirror play on images?  Or could it be the uploader doing it for copyright purposes and not wanting the image to be taken down (as they stated)?

Don’t know….

Looking into the TNZ “tip” I was taking it at face value…  is something going to happen Dec 24th?

Then I looked further…

If you look into Gogol, there is a mystery that surrounds this man:


Here are some excerpts:

  • Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7th. (So this Christmas Eve may actually be Jan 6th)
  • On Thursday, February 21st, 1852 the literary circles of Moscow were struck dumb with terrible news – Nikolai Gogol died at 8 in the morning that day. He was only 43. Three days later the great Russian writer was entombed, and several days after that everybody was surprised by the rumours to the effect that Gogol had not died at all but had only sunk into lethargy and was buried alive.  (In the Thriller video, we see a man throwing dirt on to the camera giving the illusion of being buried alive).
  • It was a common belief for many years that Gogol had not died. (Same as MJ)
  • if a spider, placed in the evening in an empty pot that was smooth inside, managed to get out of the pot by the morning, the person in question was alive. If the spider was still in the pot, the person was dead. In case of Gogol all spiders were gone by the morning.  (more spider references… does this mean in the video when the spider runs out of the cemetery that MJ is alive?)
  • Nikolai Gogol’s life and creative effort were not rosy, rumours were continually spread about him when he was alive, while his death gave rise to many more of those. And yet the heritage of that literary genius will be called for by many generations to come…  (same as MJ!!!)



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  1. Video no longer available…Ahrg!

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