TNZ – While thinking about spiders, don’t forget about Ziggy Stardust.

Oh brother… why did I even start researching this at 3AM??!!!

Ok main points that jump out at me:

  • attempting to present humanity with a message of hope in the last five years of its existence
  • Ziggy Stardust is the definitive rock star: sexually promiscuous, wild in drug intake and with a message, ultimately, of peace and love
  • The plot
  • “starman”, from Mars, who has come to save the Earth with messages of love and peace, and Bowie has referred to Ziggy as a “Martian” in several interviews. (parallel to “lightman”)

and here is even more information at

Again things that jump out at me:

  • The early beginnings of Ziggy Stardust – The long-haired David Bowie tours the US to promote his third album – THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD (1970) – but is officially forbidden to perform due to work permit problems.
  • Bowie’s sexuality is questioned
  • He released a movie (TII) of unreleased concert rehearsal footage
  • He released previously unreleased songs
  • He did tours as his alter ego for a couple years (didn’t Cassandra say something about that?)
  • There was a tabletop book release (Opus)
  • Vince Taylor was the inspiration for Ziggy. He was a rock n roll star from the Sixties who was slowly going crazy. Finally, he fired his band and went on-stage one night in a white sheet. He told the audience to rejoice, that he was Jesus. They put him away.”  (Didn’t they say MJ had a Messiah complex?

Specifically on this page:

  • David Bowie stated that he would be releasing new Ziggy Stardust material in a three-part project to include a stage-play, a film (with a soundtrack) and an internet component.  There would also be released an exclusive Ziggy Stardust photobook by Mick Rock and possibly previously unseen Ziggy Stardust concert footage.

Lastly, Remember the Time…. who was in that short film with MJ… OH IMAN!!!

Who is Iman’s husband?  David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust!

Oh please give me your thoughts… basically Ziggy was a rockstar that came to earth from space.  now I’m wondering if this 4 years till the end of the world is part of a project and MJ (or some version of MJ) will come to earth, from the dead… sigh.


~ by lilwendy on November 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “TNZ – While thinking about spiders, don’t forget about Ziggy Stardust.”

  1. Where would a Starman come from? The heavens of course. How would a dead man be able to come from the heavens? He would be resurrected of course! So we are about to witness a divine miracle…

  2. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
    “Starman,” has been described as a cross between mod and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

    Ziggy Stardust (aka Michael Jackson) has come to save the Earth with messages of ღ~pﻉacﻉ& ℓﻉ√٥~ღ !!

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