www.thisisalsoit.com – DVD Easter Eggs

Well this one made me laugh….


First things I thought of…. EASTER!!!!!!!!  According to Christian scripture, Jesus was resurrected from the dead on the third day of his crucifixion. Christians celebrate this resurrection on Easter or Easter Sunday[2] (also Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday)

Of course, RESURRECTION DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Sunday April 4, 2010.   So is MJ making his appearance then?

Another thing I thought of was MJ loving easter egg hunts and hiding eggs everywhere for guests to find… kind of like all the clues he’s been leaving everywhere for us to gain answers.

Then I read what DVD Easter Eggs is…

DVD Easter Eggs was concieved way back in 1998 while sitting at my desk one day. I had just bought a DVD player and having worked in the software (Video Game) industry, I knew about all the easter eggs that were buried in digital media. I decided to start scouring the web for some information, to determine if there was anything hidden on these wonderfuly shiny little discs. Much to my surprise I found very few references to their being Eggs on DVD’s. The few I did find completely peaked my interest. As I would normally do, I decided to try http://www.dvdeastereggs.com, which I quickly found out, didn’t exist. So I bought it, bought myself some quick and dirty “Database enable your website” software, and I began to try and find everyone I knew with a DVD player, and started borrowing and hunting as quikly as I could!

Over the next few years, this site underwent some amazing changes. With the help of some of my colleagues, we were able to redisgn the site, add functionality beyond my wildest dreams, and actually have fun doing it. Now here we are, September 2005, rebuilding the empire. This time we’re making backups, so when hard drives fail, we can shrug, laugh, and carry on with business. So watch out internet, cause we’re back!

What the heck is a DVD egg???  And are there DVD eggs on This is It?  GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok people… what does this mean?  We have been directed to books, artwork, games, DVDs etc…. all of them could have these hidden messages or eggs!

Oh do we have our work cut out for us!!!!!!!!!!



~ by lilwendy on November 24, 2009.

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