I am l.o.v.e.d.

In the moment I see my eyes in my child

The world stops

As soul connects with soul for a beat

I feel the still power of God

Yet daily the bustle of purposeless tasks

Veil my eyes from the heart’s light

In the deadness of four walls I am held

Yet a window provides a glimpse of true beauty

The invisible breath witnessed in the swaying of a tree

A primal song of a bird melodic and free

Nature is playfully calling out to me

To feel God’s majesty in a raindrop

but the corpses’ voices around me do not understand

They are dead. They believe the lie.

And as I betray my heart, my body rebels.

My soul is drowning in a sea of tears

MIA – Misunderstood.  Isolated. Alone.

As night falls, God’s daily rainbow emerges above.

A moon of any shape sends my heart flying.

My soul responds to the freedom of the stars.

Oh to fly…to soar with eagles wings…to dance on a cloud.

To see this world for the speck it really is.

Another world forms with the setting sun.

A silencing of the beasts reconnects me to the heartbeats

Where space and time collide

I direct my child’s gaze to the lights above

That light may be gone but it’s essence survives in love

For a moment I feel understood by the Unseen.

My yearning to exist beyond my existence.

If every cell is created in love, then why am I alone?

Then the dance of a dream reaches my soul.

A commonality of love come out to play.

You are not alone pulsates in my ear

Another is dancing to the earth’s song

The melody played by angel’s wings on heart strings.

He is looking at the same stars… witnessing the past.

He is looking at the same moon…walking in silence.

And even though our shells may never touch

Our essence embraces as one.

Our echoes meet in a dream.

I weep.  I am speechless.  I am understood.

I am l.o.v.e.d.


~ by lilwendy on November 21, 2009.

One Response to “I am l.o.v.e.d.”

  1. Beautiful.

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