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Credit to HealTheWorld for this incredible post!

I’ve been following these forums (MJDH and this one) almost since the day of 25th June, trying to search for the truth about all that was happening during that day, as well as before and after that. Michael is, for me, a real humanitarian, and a messenger of truth and peace, a very rare human being, and I feel horrible when I think about what he has had to go through. He really is a great inspiration for me, and I see that we really have a lot to learn from him on the journey to a healed world. Because right now our world really seems to be in quite a bad place, and it is love and caring for other people, hope and strenght that we really need.

This time after his death or “death” has been really hard for me, to feel that you have (and later, with the possibility of the hoax, might have) lost an angel, a really wonderful human being that really would have so much to give to our world, especially now. I still do not dare to be totally sure that he’s alive, but I feel that every day it just seems to become more and more likely for him to be alive. Everything just seems to be leading to that, and I’m thinking that if he really is gone, then there is really quite a plot to make us believe that he still is alive. It just doesn’t seem too likely when it seems to be also his family and “friends” in on this hoax. I feel that we may actually be quite close to find out the truth. And I think that if he really has managed to fake his death, then there definately is a bigger meaning behind that all.

What really got me to register to this forum now and post here for the first time were the “this is also it” redirections, cause they actually come very close to the things that i’ve been trying to study on my own practically daily for almost two years. I’ve been trying to search for the truth about life, and for the state of our world, and I could say that it hasn’t always been very pleasant or comfortable to try to accept what is going on around us.

I know this is gonna be a long post, and I’m really sorry for that, I just hope that this might help at least someone trying to figure out what is going on in our world.. And, I’m from Finland, and English is not my native language, so I’m sorry for the mistakes..

First of all, I would like to say that I totally agree with Touched By An Angel on her view on these things, she’s thinking exactly the same as I was about these things. And well, although there is the possibility that these things would not be coming from Michael, (which I think seems just become less and less likely all the time), I think these things still would be very important (I think we actually don’t have too much time any more, so I feel it’s essential that as many people as possible would know about these things and at least consider them to be true), but I also think that this is something that Michael probably was aware of and would have liked people to know. I feel strongly this is something Michael would do. What I’m talking about is for example this “new world order” and all kinds of things related to that that have also been brought up here many times on this forum, about which I am very happy and actually a bit suprised that there really has been this kind of rise of consciousness about these matters, and so fast.

First I would like to say that I think that Michael has actually tried to speak (and sing) and warn people about the state of the world, for example in many of his songs. (And there lies the possibility of him being murdered, I think, because if he would manage to get this message through, he would really reach billions of people.) There have probably been many posts on that also, I think. There are many songs, the lyrics of which should be paid attention to, for example the song They don’t care about us as of course, that’s a song with very powerful lyrics. (about racism, equality but also the government)
For example this part:

Tell me what has become of my rights
Am I invisible because you ignore me?
Your proclamation promised me free liberty, now
I’m tired of bein’ the victim of shame
They’re throwing me in a class with a bad name
I can’t believe this is the land from which I came
You know I do really hate to say it
The government don’t wanna see
But if Roosevelt was livin’
He wouldn’t let this be, no, no

Then there’s the song great Money that’s, very eye-opening, I think:
Money, greed, lust, and the devil that I think has to do with the elite that is ruling our precious world without any mandate given to them by us, the people.(also behind the music industry,Hollywood, there really are some satanic dimensions about them). Also
http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/michaeljackson/2bad.html (Notice also the note about Hollywood)
http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/michaeljackson/ds.html (CIA, KKK etc.)
and many many other…

Actually I think that the whole album HIStory was one of Michael’s most “telling” as well as a very touching album (just can’t listen to it without crying at least at some points), but there is very much “clues” in many of his other albums too, including the sadly underrated Invincible, Blood On The Dance Floor, Dangerous. He really made such wonderful music and he has just touched my heart in a very special way.. : )

But, to the New World Order then, actually you can get quite a good idea about what it is if you’ve watched these movies in the clues 3 (Movie V for Vendetta), 4 (Movie EndGame) and also the videoclip about 911. Those things are still todey dubbed just as stupid conspiracy theories, but actually if you start studying this all, it just gets harder and harder to deny it, especially when you see everything that’s happenign around you, all the news that are coming from all around our world every day, it’s all leading to the same conclusion: That our world is going towards a one fascist world government and all the things related to that:
-Abolition of all national governments,at least stripping off their powers, abolition of patriotism, the creation of a world government
-Abolition of private property
-Abolition of inheritance
-Abolition of the family (Michael has also spoke about this, see the lovely, but heartbreaking Oxford speech (all parts):
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzIQlVSH8GU&feature=related for example, or the song Superfly sister, about real love:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7EakzmYsvE&feature=related )
-Abolition of religions, although I actually think that the great religions have actually been manipulated at least to some extent, they also seem to have some common origins. And religions have absolutely been used to control people.I agree a lot with Michael about these things. I actually come from quite a similar religious background than he, and have sometimes had a bit complicated relationship with religion, and I think that I’m still just trying to search for the truth about these things, and found some peace of mind because of that. Michael’s thoughts about these kind of spiritual things, the life and the world can be seen for example in his book Dancing The Dream (even better in his acts, what he did for this world):
Look for example the texts “God”, “Two birds”, “Quantum leap”, “Are you listening?”, “Wings without me” and so on, the book is just so precious, here it’s online
Here’s a snippet of Michael’s writing “God”
strange that God doesn’t mind expressing Himself/Herself in all the
religions of the world, while people still cling to the notion that
their way is the only right way. Whatever you try to say about God,
someone will take offense, even if you say everyone’s love of God is
right for them.
For me the form God takes is not the most
important thing. What’s most important is the essence.

Also population reduction, through different kind of methods, wars, famines, diseases, all kinds of chemicals (some plastics, for example, reduce the fertility),eugenics etc. also the birth control (and China’s one child -policy) etc. Here are some basics about this, for example:
And this world government is being brought into existence bit by bit,and by fear. The governments all around the world are using people’s fears to make their own position and powers stronger. And there’s the usual Hegelian dialectic paradigm of problem, reaction, solution. They create some kind of crisis, make people react to that with fear and look for the government to help, then come up with a solution that they had planned all along. 911 clearly is a classic example of this, with countless people being now labeled as “terrorists” for a variety for reasons (opposing the elitistic agendas), and those wars in Iraq and Afghanistan of course that were being started after that.
Here’s also quite a striking indication of the reasons for the US invasion in Afghanistan in 2002, the previous year the opium production had dropped significantly because of the (not cia -controlled parts of) Taleban,then after the invasion soared rapidly to even higher amounts of opium than earlier

About CIA, that organization really has a very shady past (and present), here’s just one, but very aggravating evidence of that, the CIA’s experiments on mind control and drugs, the mind control project MKULTRA, which I believe is actually still ongoing

(hence Michael’s They don’t care about us:
Tell me what has become of my rights
Am I invisible because you ignore me?
Your proclamation promised me free liberty, now
I’m tired of bein’ the victim of shame
They’re throwing me in a class with a bad name
I can’t believe this is the land from which I came
You know I do really hate to say it
The government don’t wanna see
But if Roosevelt was livin’
He wouldn’t let this be, no, no
” for example)

There’s actually a lot of proof about that, and the secret societies and secretive organizations that have existed in our “free” societies for a long time, some of them already for centuries. And well, I would like to say that I actually really think that there has to be some kind of “new world order”, but very different from that evil scenario that has been planned by these elitists without us knowing or having the chance to influence the outcome of it.

First, here’s George Bush the senior and his speech of the new world order:
And here, the “diplomat”, elitist, zionist Henry Kissinger
Gordon Brown, the prime minister of the UK
Here we have Bill Clinton
Here Barack Obama:
Also the vatican has been infiltrated, here’s an article about the pope calling for a new world order and something about the current pope

and a lot more…

Then there’s the very important John F. Kennedy’s speech in New York City April 27 1961 about secret societies and the freedom of the press,about two years before his assassination
Here the whole transcript:

About the media that handled Michael totally mercilessly throughout the years,96% of the world’s media (especially in the US, but actually everywhere, especially through the big news corporations and networks like CNN) is owned by elitistic zionists, this international elite has the total control of the media, which has had a very powerful effect on us, the ordinary people:
And I want to say that I am in no way an anti-semitist, I respect and value all the people of our world and none of us is any more precious than the others. We are one, regardless of race, religion etc. but I still see this variety of different cultures, races, people as a great richness of life. What I’m opposed to are the hidden agendas of zionism and elitism. The situation in the Middle East, for example, is just very sad (for both sides, I think, if we think about the ordinary, peace-loving people).
Here are the protocols of the learned elders of Zion that are actually said to be false, fake, but I just can’t help but to think that they are describing today’s situation in our societies just a little bit too well to be just a made up and false fairy tale. Or then someone has taken these sick ideas to be a basis for his plans for world domination..

Here’s one of Michael’s speeches that I think is quite relevant in regard of these issues, his anti-racism speech in Harlem, 2002:

And then about our global economic systems, the capitalism that is now on the verge of a collapse, the dollar is very likely to crash in the near future. And these financial crises that we have had for a long time, are actually planned and used by this elite to get what they want, whether it is money, power, or a control of some state through debt. We have actually a debt-based monetary system, the basics of which are quite well described in this series of videos called “Money as Debt”
Our monetary system really is a total fraud, money is being created out of nothing every time that we borrow money from the banks. Banks have the authority to create money because of the fractional reserve banking system, which has allowed many banks actually loan almost 100 times the money that they really have as deposits. Still they are asking for interest for all these loans, which is actually very destructive for the economic system. So most of the existing money is just debt. And all the time it has made it’s way into the hands of very few people, while the rest of the world has become poorer and poorer all the time. The Federal reserve is just a privately owned institution, see here for example
There are plans to abolish the whole middle class, so there will be only the elitist, non-elected (“intelligent”) ruling class, and their servants. The slavery of today.
(Here’s one suggestion for a new, alternative system, an economic democracy

And who are behind these global plans to enslave humanity?
A group of elitists, international bankers, many of the royal families, some of the richest families of the world, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the so-called illuminati with their version of illumination(luciferianism),different secret or at least secretive organizations (for example the Bilderberg group, the Council of Foreign relations CFR, then there are the more “open” international organizations such as the United Nations, WHO, WTO (World trade organization), IMF (International Monetary Fund) etc.). What is important about these groups of people, is that they are not like us normal people, they just have a very different mindset, humanity seems to be of no value to them. And then there seem to be the hidden satanistic/luciferian agendas behind all of that. They are not just after money, they have all the money that they need already,it’s about power and domination.

There are so many things related to this state of the world that I just can’t write even a little snippet of all of it here, there are so many issues:
The wars and financers of both sides (for example the Rothschilds); the future and purpose of the European Union, the forthcoming North American Union (Canada, US,Mexico), Asian Union, African Union, you probably see the pattern of erasing the national sovereignty of the nations of the world, unifying them gradually under a one world government; the satanic and “luciferian” ideas of the elite, also the music industry, Hollywood, and this luciferianism also, I think, has to do with the so called illuminati and their ideas of “illumination”;eugenics and the legacy of nazi Germany still among us, just concealed;mind control;the emerging police states across the globe(you’ll just have to see the news and the legislations brought up everywhere, for example the martial law in the US);The control and surveillance of ordinary people (we’re all kind of like terrorism suspects, cause already now all our phone calls,e-mails,internet downloads and browsing history, nowadays also all our money traffic, is being monitored by at least the NSA and their system Echelon, http://www.cotse.net/privacy/echelon.htm);The planned microchips (search for “VeriChip” for example)and the Fema-concentration camps of the department of Homeland Security in the US ; Eu and the Lisbon treaty that ends the sovereignty of the European nations, and which was accepted by this euroelite by totally unacceptable means,without the consent of a great majority of Europeans;the drug trade(and CIA, for example) and the agendas behind the drugs;human and organ trafficking;big corporations, big pharma, Monsanto and gm-food, Codex Alimentarius etc…These can all be found in the internet.There are just so many things that have gone wrong in our world, it’s just really sometimes too sad to think about Sad

Then, finally, I would still want to say something about the current “swine flu” panic all across the globe. Here’s a great video series (a bit long, but informative) about the issue, the swine flu and the vaccinations, that I hope that at least someone might see, cause there really seems to be evil agendas behind all of this hype. What is sure is that those big medical corporations are making a huge amount of money from this crisis, but many things actually seem to address that this is actually once again an intentionally created crisis that might have very serious implications, which I find to be quite likely. There is the possibility of a bioengineered bioweapon, either through the vaccines (that include quite a few poisonous substances) or through (maybe by these vaccines) a mutated swine flu virus, “the second wave” that have been talked about a lot.
Then from this site:
“In February 2009, Baxter’s Austrian subsidiary in Orth an
der Donau manufactured and distributed 72 kilos of vaccine material,
contaminated with a H5N1 virus, to 16 laboratories in four countries.

In February 2009, Baxter’s Austrian subsidiary in Orth an der Donau
manufactured and distributed 72 kilos of vaccine material, contaminated
with a H1N1 virus, to 16 laboratories in four countries, including
Austria, so nearly triggering a pandemic, according to The Times of India.

The contaminated vaccine material consisted of a mixture of a
seasonal H3N2 human influenza virus and the deadly H5N1 virus. By
adding a virus of the type H5N1 to an ordinary flu virus of the type
H3N2, Baxter produced a highly dangerous bioweapon. WHO supplied Baxter
with the live bird flu virus. A staff member of a subcontracted
laboratory in the Czech Republic discovered this lethal contamination,
when all animals they tested died from this vaccine.

Since Baxter
is obliged to use BSL 3 (Biosafety Level 3) precautions in its
laboratories when handling the H1N1 virus (classified as a biological
agent, BSL3 or 4 under EU regulations), such safeguards are in place as
would make accidental contamination of ordinary influenza material with
the dangerous H1N1 virus impossible.
In other words, this deadly contamination and distribution
was almost certainly due to criminal intent. Thirty-six people had to
be preventatively hospitalized in Austria and the Czech Republic
because of their exposure to this vaccine-based contamination,
underlining the danger.”
Jane Burgermeister’s The Flu Case:
And a piece of news of the baxter incident
There were actually reports at some point that Michael would have been supporting Jane, and that would have then been the reason for his “murder”. but that, I think, has been debunked by herself, I saw her e-mail about that some time ago. Still, I think, that if Michael was aware of this scenario, this would most probably be an important issue for him.
The big pharma, big medical companies, have also actually filed their patents for the vaccines already long before the actual outbreak of the swine flu in mexico. (Baxter’s application here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/18224172/Baxter-H1N1-Vaccine-Patent-Application)
There’s also evidence of the swine flu virus being artificially created in a laboratory, many scientists are thinking that’s the case with this “human-pig-bird-gene” flu virus. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=afrdATVXPEAk
The consequences and risks of those vaccines have also been concealed very well by the mainstream media.
What I’m thinking is that we should actually try to make our immune systems more effective, for example by getting enough of vitamins, maybe especially the vitamin d (the recommendated amounts of which are just way too low right now, see for example http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/) and vitamin c. And enough sleep and all the other important things to stay healthy, that’s what I’m thinking : )

And here are some links that I recommend you to get to know if you feel there might be some truth about these things that I have written about. These are all just my opinions and I’m still learning, still trying to search fo the truth. And if someone finds that some of what I’ve written might be true, I really hope that you’ll try to study these things and make up your own opinion about all of this.
and there’d be a lot more… There seems to be a lot of disinformation in the internet about these things, and it’s sometimes quite difficult to see what information is legit, and what is just disinformation planned to lead you astray (telling half-truths,only some of the truths and ignoring some dimensions totally, or then just total disinformation).

About the 2012 mayan prophecies that have been talked about here, I really think that it is once again the agenda to use people’s fears by making them believe that this is the time of the end of the world. It seems that it is actually actually the end of the cycle, a beginning of a new era, that might make a kind of transformation of consciousness happen. There’s a lot of information in the net about this. I feel that we as a humanity should find the love and caring for each other once again, and get back to the basics;Why do we live?What are the most important things in life?What is the ultimate truth about life? What I think that our earth needs, also during the stormy times of 2012, is a change to the better in people’s thinking, a lot of positive energy. These things have been talked about here so I won’t go into that any more, at least not in this post.

I think that if enough people just wake up to see this reality we’re living in(and I don’t even think it has to be a very great percentage of us, and when the waking up starts, which I see happening right now, it’s gonna happen pretty fast.) So, there’s a lot more of us, ordinary people with our hope of a better future, and we’re going to survive, I really believe that the “truth always prevails” : )

In the end of this post, I thought that it might be good to try to find some positive things to think about, here are a couple of Michael’s songs that carry an important message : )

The lost children, let’s start taking care for all the little children of the world

Smile, because we should never forget to smile, even during the worst of times, that matters a lot; a heartbreaking, beautiful song


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