Funny Money, Rita Hayworth & Shawshank Redemption

I was reading the following post called The Money Shot: and it got me on this investigation trail today.

So I did a search on Rita Hayworth to get an idea of what pictures were floating around out there.  A connection between Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption came up.  Obviously because in the movie, the wrongly accused main character, Andy, is spending time in prision after being convicted of something he didn’t do.  (Well Michael wasn’t legally convicted but he was convicted in the minds of many).  Andy makes the best of his time there while carefully constructing his master plan.  He makes connections with people.  He gets the things he needs to execute his plan, all without anyone knowing what he’s up to.  He starts his plan by asking for a poster of Rita Hayworth which he puts up in his cell.  He changes this over the years to Marilyn Monroe and Racquel Welsh.  He has a confidante, Red, throughout this whole movie that he finally lets know that he has a dream to escape and live in a little coastal town.  Red shoots down his dream saying he will never be free.  In the end, the plan is executed perfectly and Red and all the people in the jail realize that Andy has been planning and executing this plan for years!

Now does this sound familiar?

Let’s look at the poster for Shawshank Redemption:

It says “Fear can hold you prisoner.  Hope can set you free”  Oh and does this pose look familiar?

Like a Stranger in Moscow!

So back to the tag line…. Fear can hold you prisoner.  Hope can set you free

Wow!  With the redirection of to the V for Vendetta page a while back, got me thinking that in that movie the whole thing the government used for control is fear.  Now this poster is saying that fear can hold you prisoner.  Yes it can!

Fear and faith cannot coexist.  We must live in faith, not fear.  It’s one or the other.


~ by lilwendy on November 20, 2009.

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