TMZ Timeline: Month 1

All credit goes to Anna.K at the newly resurrected MJHD.  Just wanted to copy it here.  A little paranoid perhaps since the meltdown of the site formerly known as MJHD.


– MJ taken by ambulance to a hospital in LA – TMZ told it’s cardiac arrest, paramedics administered CPR in ambulance

– 911 call came at 12.21 pm at Holmby Hills home

– Jackson family member says he’s in “bad shape” ; brothers headed to UCLA

– Joe Jackson : “he is not doing well”

– MJ passed away at the age of 50. TMZ told that when paramedics arrived, Jackson had no pulse and the pulse never came back. Source says Jackson dead when paramedics arrived – cardiologist says cause of death = cardiac arrest. Staff member called 911. Chaos in the hospital when MJ arrived. People coming with the singer screaming “You’ve got to save him”

(posted at 5.20 pm)

– Jackson’s ex-publicist says he’s not surprised by the death considering the self-destructive behaviour of MJ.

– Tito says to TMZ he has not spoken to MJ for a while and regrets it.

– 6.30 pm : Katherine Jackson arrives at hospital alone.

– Source says autopsy will be performed on June 26th by the LA County Coroner.

– Source says there was a rehearsal day prior to death : MJ late and lethargic, like every other night. Rehearsal went late into the evening. Staff + Crew packing up their stuff at Staples Center.

– Posted at 9.31 pm : MJ’s body airlifted to LA County Coroner’s office.

– Posted at 9.33 pm : Jermain Jackson releases statement at UCLA hospital to the press. Doctors tried to revive MJ for an hour.

– Posted at 9.45 pm : MJ’s body unloaded from helico to LA County Coroner’s office.

– TMZ gets exclusive video : Starline tourists see MJ drama unfold.

– The Sun reports that MJ died after getting a Demerol injection. TMZ reminds that during molestation trial, cops seized syringes + drugs including Demerol.

– Jackson family say they feared morphine OD, Joe Jackson wanted to get MJ into rehab. Tour staff say he was lethargic and late at the rehearsals.

– MJ memorabilia up for auction. Auction scheduled before MJ’s death.

– MJ’s doctor MIA. Law enforcement looking for doctor ; found his BMW at MJ’s house, towed it. Source says doc gave MJ injection before death.

– Beginning of autopsy by Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran (star witness in OJ Simpson case). Jackson family headed to coroner’s office.

– Debbie Rowe gets custody if she wants.

– Doctor ID’d : cardiologist Conrad Murray from Houston, Texas. His car was registered to his sister’s name. Police wants to question him.

– Source : EMT’s wanted to pronounce MJ dead at the scene but Murray refused to let them. Evidence of Lidocaine found (used to treat disturbances in heart’s rhythm). Medics took over CPR. At hospital, Murray continued to give CPR.

– Murray back in LA ; talks with cops.

– TMZ gets exclusive tape of 911 call.

– Jackson allegedly racked up huge Rx bills.

– Coroner says : “no indication of foul play found. Traces of prescription meds found” More testing needed to determine official cause of death. They need 6 weeks.

– Dr. Murray had quit medical practice 11 days prior to the “death”. Letter says “my absence will not be permanent”.

– Cops speak with MJ’s family at MJ’s home. According to TMZ, of the cops just told them he believes “no crime” was committed inside Michael’s home.

– MJ’s body released to family.

– Source says : MJ took “Demerol tonic” ; afraid of needles, had a doc inject it. MJ injected with Demerol at 11.30 am on June 25th.

– Von Hagens : Jackson NOT a registered body donor in Institute for Plastination.

– Police wants to talk to Dr. Tohme Tohme. Still haven’t talked to Murray.

– Dr Murray’s attorney : Murray will meet cops at 4 PM. Murray is not considered a suspect, no criminal investigation at this point.

– Moving van at MJ’s home – Joe Jackson ordered removal of his belongings.

– Source says 2nd autopsy for Jackson requested by the family. Currently underway in LA.

– Statement from LAPD : ”Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician who was with Michael Jackson at the time of his collapse, voluntarily contactedthe Los Angeles Police Department. Detectives assigned to Robbery-Homicide Division met with Dr. Murray and conducted an extensive interview. Dr. Murray was cooperative and provided information which will aid the investigation.”

– Katherine Jackson spotted shopping at Target for sleeping bags and toys.

– Dr. Murray free to go. He wants to “help out as much as possible.” Interviewed for 3 hours by LAPD ; not considered a suspect.

– Jackson family does not trust Murray. Murray was also MJ’s kids’ doctor. Met MJ in 2006.

– Offers flooding in for tribute shows for the Jackson family.

– BET Awards : Joe Jackson suspicious of what happened.

– Lawyer says : Murray found Jackson randomly in his bed with faint pulse, still warm. Murray immediately started administering CPR. Murray did not prescribe or give OxyContin or Demerol to MJ.

– Jackson Lawyer : Katherine wants custody of the kids.

– Report from The Sun : Jackson bald, bruised, ribs broken. Four injection sites found above or near his heart. Unexplained bruising on kneeds and shins.

– Murray’s lawyer : CPR administered on “firm bed.”

– Autopsy reported by The Sun : FAKE

– Guardianship papers filed by Katherine Jackson. Granted temporary guardianship.

– MJ’s will surfaces – John Branca was re-hired 3 weeks prior to death by MJ after having been fired in 2006.

– Joe and Katherine Jackson filed initial papers with the court to probate MJ’s estate. Papers say Jackson died without a will. But John Branca intends to file the will within the month.

– Source says drugs likely cause of death.

– Photos of Jackson’s rehearsal of June 23rd surface.

– AEG promises ticket refund for tickets bought through authorized dealers. Option to be sent the actual tickets for the show.
– 30 minute delay in calling 911 by Murray because Murray didn’t know address of mansion.

– Coroner goes back to MJ’s home to retrieve medication. Left house with 2 large plastic bags. LAPD says they have prescription bottles but plastic bags not filled with pills.

– Katherine Jackson fears looting – files papers to administer the estate. Family questions if will exists.
– Lou Ferrigno, MJ’s trainer, says MJ was in great shape.

– Dr. Murray isolating himself from the public, according to his attorney.

– MJ’s will signed in 2002 : MJ left estate estimated at 1$ billion to his mother, kids and charities. Net worth of MJ : 200$ million.

– Jackson/Rowe not the bio parents of the kids according to TMZ. Kids never adopted either.

– Source says MJ’s body set to be driven to Neverland Ranch.

– Search warrants issues to search MJ’s house. Searches took place on the same day, to retrieve meds.

– LAPD looking to talk to Dr. Arnold Klein, MJ’s dermatologist.

– LAPD searching for needles in MJ’s home.

– MJ’s will handed to Jackson family.

– Neverland Reps issue letter to Santa Barbara residents : public viewing of MJ’s body in the week.

– Shipment of concrete delivered to Neverland + porta-pottys.

– Cherilyn Lee, MJ’s nurse, says MJ begged her for Diprivan.

– White carriage hearse spotted on freeway going to Santa Barbara.

– MJ’s former Nanny says she never pumped his stomach.

– Delivery man says he delivered Rx drugs to MJ’s home.

– Sources tell TMZ that Propofol was found at MJ’s home.

– Court rules Katherine as temporary administrator. Hearing underway over MJ’s will. Executors want to make sure they have control over theassets and want to nullify Katherine’s power to move assets around even temporarily.

– Jackson family : “No public viewing at Neverland.”

– Debbie Rowe to fight for custody, says source.

– 1 min of footage from MJ’s tour rehearsal (July 23rd) released.

– Source says that a motorcade will go from Forest Lawn Mortuary in LA to the Staples Center for the public memorial on the 7th.

– Investigation into prescribing practices of MJ’s dcotors launched by California State Attorney General Jerry Brown.

– AEG – MJ concert insurance covered Overdose but not natural death.

– Spokesperson says she’s never heard of a case where her company has insured for a drug overdose + medical assessment needed before policy is written.

– Medical source says MJ = anesthesia addict.

– Murray mum on administering anesthesia. His attorney reiterated that he did not administer Demerol or OxyContin to MJ on dying day. He does not know if Murray administered Propofol though.

Spokesman for attorney says that Chernoff was not clear-headed when he spoke with TMZ because he had just woken up. TMZ says they had spoken to attorney after midnight.

– Jackson Family gathers at Forest Lawn Cemetery : hearse spotted pulling up to Hall of Liberty complex.

– Rehearsals at the Staple Center for public memorial.

– MJ’s coffin carried from Forest Lawn to Staples Center.

– Memorial begins, celebs begin to arrive.

– MJ signed his last will on July 7th 2002 – seven years exactly to the day of public memorial.

– MJ’s body confirmed to be in coffin taken to Staples Center.

– TMZ told that MJ’s body will not be buried at Forest Lawn or Neverland. TMZ can’t find where Jackson will be buried. If casket goes to Forest Lawn, it will be a decoy. Death certificate lists Forest Lawn as responsible mortuary because body was embalmed there.

– TMZ obtains a copy of MJ’s death certificate. Informant listed : LaToya Jackson. Place of residence listed : Encino (his parents’ home).

– Arnold Klein shoots down rumours of him being MJ’s “enabler” or “baby daddy.”

– Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee pushes measure that will recognize MJ as global humanitarian and leader ; refuted as being out of line.

– Source says MJ’s family has given the LAPD a list of doctors they believe may have misprescribed drugs, including Arnold Klein.

– MJ Memorial Donations : 17000$ out of 1.4 million $ cost of memorial.

– Dr. Conrad Murray was once under investigation for alleged botched surgery in 2007. Malpractice suit dropped because “it was too expensive for the victim’s family”.

– MJ to be buried wearing one white glove.

– MJ’s body not in Forest Lawn.

– Arnold Klein admits to giving MJ Demerol on occasion to sedate him. Aware of MJ’s use of Diprivan. Says kids should go to Debbie Rowe.

– LA city councilman and President of AEG trade licks about who’s responsible for memorial’s cost.

– Joe Jackson says he believes it was foul play and doesn’t know anything about MJ’s drug use.

– MJ’s used employee’s names to score drugs according to notes compiled during 2004 investigation.

– Former bodyguard of MJ’s says MJ addicted to Xanax (30-40 pills a night).

– 2003 raid at MJ’s Neverland Ranch resulted in the finding of syringe, narcotics, vials and IV bags.

– Law enforcement source says MJ had injection sites on neck. Arnold Klein claims he had never seen needle mars on his body.

– Former MJ’s doctor says MJ self-injected Demerol.

– Arnold Klein calls police for protection because of “suspicious calls”.

– Two former MJ doctors not cooperating, coroner claims.

– TMZ otbains exclusive Prescription Letter dated back to July 21 2002 (the infamous “This Is It” letter)

– TMZ releases Raid Photos from MJ’s home in 2003. “Place was a mess.”

– TMZ told by law enforcement source that central target in both coroner and LAPD’s investigation is Dr. Conrad Murray. Doc not cooperative but no evidence linking him to drug that may hve killed Jackson yet.

– TMZ says Jackson targeted dentists to fuel addiction

– Jackson’s docs allegedly manipulated pharmacies according to TMZ.

– Arnold Klein hiding and had already hidden medical records, deputy says.

– Debbie Rowe injected MJ with drugs according to TMZ.

– MJ’s former housekeeper says MJ binged on drugs. Says he had good periods and bad periods (getting off then on drugs).

– Government issues warning over Propofol – certains lots recalled because tainted.

– Official from Coroner’s office goes Arnold Klein’s office looking for medical records.

– Debbie Rowe not looking for custody of kids or money.

– Arnold Klein did not fully cooperate.

– Source says Propofol found in MJ’s house after he died.

– LAPD treating MJ’s death as homicide, focusing on Dr. Murray.

– Video from Pepsi Shoot Video released from anonymous source to US Magazine.

– Sources tell TMZ that Murray’s statement to police containted incriminating disclosures about his involvement. Propofol pointed as primary cause of death.

– TMZ released exclusively unreleased MJ song “A place with no name”. No one knows when song was recorded.

– LAPD’s probe into MJ’s death is a criminal investigation according to LA County District Attorney’s office.

– Guardianship hearing postponed to August 3rd.

– Katerhine Jackson’s lawyers not willing to accept that will presented by MJ’s lawyer is valid.

– MJ’s lawyer during 2005 trials says he never saw evidence that Jackson was on drugs.

– Dr. Murray declines to talk with LAPD. Murray’s attorney hires himself a lawyer.

– TMZ is wondering why Katherine Jackson is mounting legal challenge when MJ’s will has a “no contest” clause + leaves her 40% of MJ’s assets. Why is she objecting to the will ?

– Latoya Jackson claims MJ was murdered.

– Jackson family sources tell TMZ that there’s dispute over who will call the shots in probating MJ’s will and Katherine is manipulated by Joe.

– Feds raid Murray’s office. Murray’s attorney says Murray should not be a target of criminal charges based on his minute-by-minute and item-by-item description of MJ’s last days.

– Manslaughter cited in Dr. Murray warrant. Feds left office with forensic image of business computer hard drive and 21 documents.

– AEG filed legal papers asking for a heads-up on matters relating to the probate of MJ’s estate.

– Coroner wants files from Former Nurse C. Lee – walked out with MJ’s medical records. Nurse says she never gave MJ Propofol even though he asked.

– Anesthesiologists’s records taken by coroner – link to Arnold Klein found.

– MJ’s kids to be raised by Rebbie Jackson.

– Katerhine Jackson seeks temporary financial allowances.

– Items seized in Murray’s office raid : weight loss drug, muscle relaxer, photocopy pic of Murray, rolodex cards, public storage receipts, bio info on Murray, emails and Fed Ex info.

– TMZ says it’s difficult to track MJ’s treatment because of aliases he used.

– LA County COroner scheduled to release autopsy results in MJ in a week, cause of death almost certainly homicide.

– Murray target of manslaughter investigation.

– Two people went to Murray’s storage facility at 9.22 (LA time) am on June 25th and took files from the storage to put them in two cars : MJ’s time of death in question.

– Pamphlets on sleeping disorders found at Murray’s office.

– TMZ learns that Klein once did surgery on MJ under full anesthesia in Gyno office next door to his, supposedly for acne. The anesthesia used was Propofol and a scrub tech and anesthesiologist were there to assist Klein. MJ only paid for half of the bill.

– TMZ obtains documents stipulating that the Special Admins have recovered millions in cash for a former financial advisor. Jackson’s children are also the beneficiaries of an insurance trust – proceeds not collected yet. “The Special Administrators expect to generate tens of millions of dollars of revenue from various business deals that are now in the works.”

– Secret financial advisor uncovered by TMZ is Dr. Tohme Tohme : money came from recording residuals and was a secret between him and MJ for a Las Vegas home.

– Dr. Murray gives info to the cops about hidden drug stash in a room in MJ’s mansion – stash discovered. On the 1st search, no Propofol or other drugs had been found. Police explains “the drugs were concealed.”

– Law enforcement source tells TMZ Jackson dead for 2 hours when they arrived. Took them 10 minutes to recognize him as he seemed “old, sickly and frail.”


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