Evan Chandler Suicide

Ok I have to say my first reaction was… yeah right…

I have a hard time believing anything now a days regarding MJ and his life.  It’s all just so crazy!

Anyway, several things have jumped out at me regarding this “finding”:

1.  He committed suicide November 5, 2009 – remember the JCC clue?  “Remember remember the 5th of November”  Interesting that a major occurrence would happen on that day.

2.  From the article http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2735232/Dad-of-Michael-Jacksons-pal-Jordy-Chandler-dies-with-gunshot-to-head-in-apparent-suicide.html#ixzz0XEM8fRRT

“Sources said the dad was barely recognisable from how he looked during the 13-month probe launched by Santa Barbara’s district attorney into the abuse claims.”


“Bizarrely, the dad had undergone a string of cosmetic surgery operations – mirroring those of the superstar, who died in June aged 50.”

The underlined things are what stood out.  If he was barely recognizable and went through cosmetic surgeries, then how do we really know it’s him?  Sounds like MJ.  Honestly, with the amount of surgeries MJ went through, he was barely recognizable from the man he was in the 80s and 90s.  He changed a lot!  Point is, when someone is known to be changing their appearance, how do we know who we are seeing is really them?

3.  This all happened in Jersey City?  Ok I have contacted the Jersey City Police Department to confirm this whole story.  When I get an answer I will post the update below.  Stay tuned….
4.  Ok I looked up Evan Chandler’s info and this is what I found:
Evan Chandler
First off, I was surprised it was listed!  So I called the number.  What better way to know if he’s dead! LOL  The number is not in service.
I dont’ know what to make of this other than to question if this is true.

~ by lilwendy on November 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Evan Chandler Suicide”

  1. Hi Wendy: This is fascinating stuff. Just read about the Propofol and suspended animation articles, and now about Evan Chandler. At the time I also thought ‘too huge of a coincidence that EC should kill himself on the same date as the line from ‘V’. At the time I thought ‘could this be a vendetta murder made to look like a suicide?’ But I though ,Nawww. Do you think that a deal was struck between MJ and Evan Chandler to ‘reort his fake suicide’ for the sake of the hoax? Could he be making use of his known enemies for the sake of this… Evan Chandler, John Branca, DiLeo, even Tatiana was at the funeral…all enemies and people he fired. This sounds completely mental… but what if the whole Chandler thing was made up??? (for publicity- I read in his biography that the oxygen chamber thing was a rumor that he authorized himself started with DiLeo’s help).!! After all, we are supposed to meet ‘The Man We Never Knew’ What ARE you really saying about the Chandler suicide?

    This thing truly is like the Russian nesting dolls. It is about the fake death of Elvis, Michael, Evan, Paul McCartney, You know, maybe Tupac even, And the animals that the scientist re-animates do not actually die either. I also noted the Lupus connection and this scientist’s test for Lupus that he could not market! Maybe that is how Michael got this idea- from research he may have been doing about Lupus… now I’m thinking ‘does he even HAVE Lupus?’ LOL. All these deaths are a type of death-illusion (a hoaxed death, a propofol induced state of suspended animation, a fake suicide. Maybe The point will be that death itself IS an illusion…. ‘I’m alive and I’m here FOREVER’, ‘Deepak Cjopra and his writings..’

    Like ‘The Final Curtain’ is this also an ARG about death?? It is a theme he has long been fascinated with, people coming back from the dead (Moonwalker, Ghost etc.) Now it IS possible to come back from the dead, in reality.

    I don’t know what to make of the conspiracy theorists… I mean ‘reptillian shapeshifters?’… I’ll believe a lot of things, wouldn’t you really have to be severely gullibe to give that thought the time of day? And so then I doubt everything else alonf those lines…

    What is real, what is illusion and are we coming dangerously close as a species of NOT KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE! Maybe that’s part of the message.

    Sorry for this delirium… tell me if you think I’m full od BS… I won’t be insulted.


    • ROTFL!!! Well you sound as crazy as I feel!!! Now I know why… You’ve been reading my posts! Haha! The thing is ALL these things you talked about, as far fetched as they seem, are possible. Keep ranting like that girl! It’s very encouraging for me! 🙂 Much love!!

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