Derek Clontz/Cassandra Gretchen-Sims

Well I went through all the comments and responses from CGS/MJ and compiled what we can gather from the site.

Now I’m not saying I believe her or not, I’m just saying that this site may play a major part in this whole thing.

In any case, here is a compilation of what is being said on there.

  • MJ will return to public life June 2010
  • He would never do anything to hurt anyone
  • MJ reads the letters/posts
  • Derek will be doing an FAQ page
  • “Final Curtain Call” at o2 press conference –> Joey Skaggs hoax – possible clue
  • MJ can control much but not everything
  • MJ is beating his addictions and regaining health
  • Movie full of clues that explains everything including disappearance and comeback
  • Re: Dave Dave on LKL being MJ – you might be on to something
  • 3 versions of death certificate a major clue
  • TMZ has inside info
  • Jermaine is the point person for people to look to
  • It was MJ’s decision to go into hiding
  • MJ looking forward to comeback but won’t rush into things
  • 33 clues in the movie
  • MJ was not buried on Sept 3rd – no one was for that matter
  • Family not implicated or involved
  • MJ used money, power and influence to avoid breaking laws with the hoax
  • Elizabeth Taylor may be aware of the whole thing
  • Kids may have been acting at the memorial/funeral to help MJ
  • MJ to do concerts in every country over the next 5-7 years for free
  • Autobiography in a few years
  • MJ is a MASTER of disguises
  • MJ is not gay and does not have a gay lover
  • MJ hurt that people say he is not the father of his kids
  • MJ arranged and planned his funeral and burial
  • CGS has adult down syndrome daughter
  • MJ loves art
  • MJ wants people to love and give without hoping for anything in return
  • MJ wants fans to read diary to understand him better
  • MJ working on a never ending love song
  • CGS picture not real
  • MJ’s “sign” will be big!  He will be all over TV announcing the greatest concert tour in history
  • MJ always pushed himself very hard
  • Doubtful that Neverland will reopen – to much pain associated
  • Oddities in videos & pictures of Michael Alive are clues
  • Date of MJ return depends on many unspecified things
  • At VMA awards, it is suggested that MJ is there on a platform – illusion
  • MJ was in Europe Sept 20 and will move around in disguises
  • In time we will learn the truth from MJ’s own lips
  • Love flows into a mighty river from every person where we then become one in love
  • MJ has been planning this for years
  • This is It is one movie, one project – there is a secret movie that will be the biggest surprise of all
  • CGS met MJ in 1993 and 2006
  • Truth will come out on Karen Faye’s part in all of this next June
  • MJ has watched a few youtube hoax videas
  • MJ’s life was in danger from pressures of fame and prescription drugs
  • CGS in Paris Sept 20
  • MJ east of Paris Sept 20
  • At least 100 insiders know MJ is alive
  • MJ has converted to every religion based in love
  • MJ thrives on good energy
  • MJ’s goal:  Spread Love
  • Nobody died

~ by lilwendy on November 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Derek Clontz/Cassandra Gretchen-Sims”

  1. Thank you for this compilation. Many things are true for sure. Some have to be figured out: if true, not true or to be interpreted otherwise as they are stated here….

  2. Great work I think u hit the nail on the head with MJHD closing(fans getting to close, who knows maybe another similar site will turn up.

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