Again… what are we supposed to be doing?

Ok, I’ve been coming at this whole thing since June 25th from the standpoint of proving if MJ is actually dead.  I have convinced myself that he is NOT!

Ok so for me MJ is alive is a fact.

The next question is then WHY did he fake his death?

After much research, I believe that he has done this to bring an awareness of something to not only his fans but the world.

The WHY must be very important.

The next question is then HOW is he going to bring about this awareness?

I believe he is doing this using the medium of an ARG which employs many many mediums and reaches many people.

Ok so where does that leave us?  What are we supposed to be doing?

Well, many people close to MJ have been alluding to the fact that MJ has been murdered…. Latoya has said it…. Randy has said it…. Karen has said it…. whether it’s true or not, that’s what they want us to believe.

Then it hit me, if I was organizing an ARG, and the hook was that MJ has died, I would want the path people to follow to be solving the crime NOT proving if the crime happened.

Maybe the path we should be following is one of solving this mystery.

There is a murder to be solved… these were Randy’s words.  Ironically, the new admin at MJHD is attempting to refocus us as well, “I want to re-set our focus to what we all keep coming back to this site for – to find Michael Jackson and to solve the clues he has left us after Hoaxing his death on the 25th June.”

I think my detective work needs to focus on solving MJ’s death and the clues that have been left…. however, I believe that in focussing on who killed MJ, I will find the path to a very alive MJ. 🙂


~ by lilwendy on November 6, 2009.

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  1. Who killed MJ…

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