Chaos in MJHD land

People bad mouthing eachother

People criticizing another’s point of view

People quitting…. leaving

It’s chaos!

It’s like life!

There is a role to be played and there are distraction to be made.

Life is FULL of distractions, haters, etc.

This is a weeding out process.  Those that are not convicted in their purpose and focussed on the goal will blow with the wind.

They will follow anyone.

This I believe is another lesson.  You have to follow what is inside your heart DESPITE what is going on around you.

DO NOT follow another person.

Do you own investigation.

Convict yourself on what you are finding.

This is what we need to do in life and I believe an ARG constructed by MJ et al is teaching us this right now.

Look for the lessons people!!!

I am eternally grateful to Mr. Michael Jackson as this process mirrors my spiritual walk and my beliefs (in real life).  Thank you MJ for teaching me to search my Bible, find the truth, be convicted in it, and to stand for what is right in my life (despite the haters, despite the doubters).

I love you for making this clear in my life.


~ by lilwendy on November 5, 2009.

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