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Wizard of OZ or Wizard of O2?

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Wizard of Oz (1939)

“The Great Mausoleum in Glendale is sort of the Holy Grail of graves,” Scott Michaels of Dearly Departed Tours tells ET. “It is a gorgeous, huge building filled with enormous hallways and gothic archways.”

Jackson will be put to rest in great company. The Great Mausoleum is also where stars such as W.C. Fields and Clark Gable are interred.

“When I went into the great mausoleum for the first time, and passed the security check, I was really amazed at the sight of the hallway in front of me. It was literally like walking into ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and at the end of it was going to be the wizard,” Michaels says.

That said, fans won’t be able to see it for themselves, or visit Jackson. The only visitors allowed in the mausoleum are property owners and family members.

“When you go into the Great Mausoleum, there is literally a gate keeper,” Michaels concludes.


Michael Jackson | Funeral Arrangements

As expected, the funeral arrangements of Michael Jackson will be exceptional, fantastic, superlative, amazing, etcetera, etcetera. Indeed there simply won’t be sufficient adjectives to describe it. Like one of Michael Jackson’s concerts his funeral (should the star be given the funeral he envisaged) will be out of this world!

The Theme of Michael Jackson’s Funeral will be…

The theme of Michael Jackson’s (according to our close celebrity source) will be The Wizard of Oz!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

We cannot and will not divulge where the coffin will embark from. Apart from anything else that would reveal the name of our source but mainly, we have decided not to reveal it, to ensure the lands surrounding the embarkation venue does not become the camping ground of a veritable conglomeration of fans. Suffice it to say that the coffin will “follow the yellow brick road” and will be carried aloft by scores of Hollywood’s shortest celebrities, in relays of 50 metres each.

This was Thriller

To keep the mourners entertained along the route of the funeral will be “dressed” with 27 open air cabarets for them to see – depending on where they watch from. Suffice it to say that (like those in the cheap seats at Michael Jackson’s concerts) all in attendance – no matter where they are along the procession’s route – will feel part of the event and all will find it unforgettable.

http://www.mirror.co.uk/celebs/news/2009/07/05/michael-jackson-to-be-buried-without-his-brain-115875-21495043/ – Michael to be buried without his brain…. similar to the scarecrow whom he played in the Wiz!

The wizard comes off as larger than life and people are scared of him.  Turns out the Wizard is just a normal guy who is misunderstood. Hmmm maybe he is the wizard!


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One Response to “Wizard of Oz Thoughts”

  1. I am so very proud of you my own little Sherlock!! Your research into this is so thorough and I believe you are opening doors into a world never seen before!! What a fabulous adventure! I have to admit that those first few videos of the German A.R.G.s freaked me out. But Michael’s special brand of A.R.G. does not leave me feeling that way – in fact I feel so very comfortable and at peace when I am in his “Labyrinth”! He is taking us on a great adventure and he will be waiting at the end to welcome us!

    By the way, I had no idea 2009 was the 70th anniversary of Th Wizard of Oz. I am so very glad I chose the username emeraldcity; it seems so appropriate now! And having read all the wonderful properties of the nystical emerald, I can see why GREEN light has been used in the movie – and I think it will be in use in the DOME Project as well?

    Peace & love – Janet in Oz xo

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