THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cloudmakers

LilWendy Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 9:00 PM
To: EmeraldCity


The original collective detective. The group of players that formed to solve the Beast. Official site located at

Ok I’m going to write in black because I’m just going to jot notes that we can parallel to what we are experiencing now. I will highlight things that are more of a to do or to look at further for us.

I am going to be researching this site because this will help me understand how a project like this works and plays out.

Interesting thing to note… they had the site and they had a backup mirror site…. SOUND FAMILIAR EC!!!!!!?????????? Mwah ha ha ha (Thriller laugh)

This whole thing was in connection with the AI movie and began with the trailers.

The first was the teaser trailer at the official website Go to and look at the trailer there again.

The second was a “new” trailer


Ok so people look at the trailer and they find a person named Jeanine Salla is credited as “Sentient machine therapist”.They do a google search and it leads them to two other sites!  Bangalore World University and the Family Chan and find info that way.

There is also a phone number for a mother and when you call it you get an email and when you email her she says…. ready for this  JEANINE IS THE KEY!!!  I am not joking!!!!!!!!

This CLUE is there to get people to look close to the credits, see her name and get started on the investigation that way.

Wherever we see “Jeanine is the key,” that’s a clue for those who haven’t gotten started to start doing research on Jeanine Salla, to get involved in the mystery”

THIS IS JUST THE STARTING PLACE!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA  Germany is the key…. is the literally germany or Jermaine?  Do research into this.

So now onto the first site…. Family Chan

There are direct links and hidden links for about six other sites… all made up with clues in pictures leading to other sites etc.

Oh my gosh… do you remember the member Order in an Artificial Chaos and Shanaland and all these people that kept going down these crazy paths linking all kind of people to this and we thought they were crazy and they got booted off the site!  EC they were hot on the trail and I believe they had to slow them down!

Ok I’m going to fast forward to the end a bit…

There are sites associated with the game and some that aren’t

7.05 How to spot game sites

Created Version 5.0:

This was kindly written by TaxiCafe and also appears as a Cloudmakers moderated message [here]:

If you come across a site you suspect is one of the PM developed Game Sites, please use this process, or one similar to it, to determine the correctness of this assumption before you post. This will allow you to post: “Game Site Found” or “Fan Site Found” with reasonable accuracy.

  • Go to [here] or your favorite whois site or whois utility.
  • Enter the domain name you are looking to confirm. (i.e. if you are trying to determine if is in the game, you would only enter No HTTP://. No WWW.
  • Review the results of you search. Below is the record for While NOT a hard rule, the majority of the game sites are listed to a female member of the “ghaepetto” family in various geographic locations (Anna, Bianca, Carla, etc…). Some of newer sites not in play ARE registered to other names.

    This is the record for IN-PLAY game site

     Carla Ghaepetto (FAMILYCHAN2-DOM)
     PMB# 155, 8524 Hwy 6 North
     Houston, TX 77095-6508
     Domain Name: FAMILYCHAN.ORG
     Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
     Ghaepetto, Carla (CGL340) cghaepetto@ALTAVISTA.COM
     PMB# 155, 8524 Hwy 6 North
     Houston, TX 77095-6508
     281 555 1234
     Technical Contact:
     Stanley, Daniel (DS34258)
     PMB# 328, 1945 South Ohio, Suite A
    Salina, KS 67401
     327-843-4482 123 123 1234
     Record last updated on 15-Mar-2001.
     Record expires on 05-Feb-2003.
     Record created on 05-Feb-2001.
     Database last updated on 8-May-2001 00:17:00 EDT.
     Domain servers in listed order:

    The most important thing to note is the last section of the record “Domain servers in listed order.” All game sites until now are being served from “EARTHDIG-T-2000.COM” with a IP address of “” If your site DOES NOT match the same information as the paragraph above, it is probably NOT A GAMESITE.

  • I am not going to list the complete record of known GAME sites as many of them are not in play, and the CM board really does not need an additional 20 posts that site ‘X’ is still not active. The current yardstick is that we aren’t ‘officially’ acknowledging sites until they have content or a construction page. Or if we have found a link to a non-active site. Be aware that there about 30ish sites we are aware of.
  • Sites are considered “In-Play” when a site has content AND we have found a link or clue referring us to that site.
  • Please do not use this information carelessly. It is meant to help you determine on your own if a site is a game site.
  • The Moderators and your fellow CMers would greatly appreciate the effort.
  • Do you remember when people were connecting the creation of some sites and saying they were owned by the same people??!!!  Oh my gosh some people were so on it a month ago but have either left MJHD or they have taken their investigation offline (like us).  We need to find who they are!!!!

    Ok bouncing around a bit…

    4.04 Artificial Intelligence – The Movie

    Created Version 7.1:

    The movie was, of course, the big event we’d been waiting for since the day we began playing. Aside from giving us food for plenty of new speculation, the movie gave us the solution to the Room Number Puzzle (see 3.74) and plenty of goodies in the credits. The relevant credits have not yet been completely posted, but they do include the names of our Puppet Masters and several in-game characters (and not just Jeanine Salla, either!) We will include them here when we finally have them.

    The movie we really need to pay attention to!!!!!!!! This is not where it ends…. it is just the beginning!!

    Ok just showing how far this can go… there were emails with autoresponder clues, there were phone numbers that if you dialed them had clues (remember the list of phone numbers on Dr. Murrays site of his clients!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????)

    There’s puzzles on sites to be cracked and solved that lead to other clues that lead to other puzzles…. JCC clues need to be followed!!!!!!!!

    There’s pictures that if you take them and put them in photoshop and use a specific brush to go over it, it will show a secret message.  Ironically you had to do this to a coroners report that was a pdf document…. OH YEAH DID YOU JUST READ WHAT I WROTE!!!!!!!!!!  HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!

    There is information in the source codes on pages you go to or pictures you look at (Shikster has mentioned stuff about source codes on pictures before)

    Remember how people said that Dr. Murray’s site was hokey oh my gosh EC these are all potential entry sites into the game!!!!!!!!!

    Ok I’ve convinced myself that this is an ARG.  I now see to what extent this can go and this is going to take some massive detective work.

    My husband and two of my kids are going away for 3 days!!!!!!!!! Mwah hahahahahahahaha!!!!  I am not sleeping for 3 days!!!!!!!!!!! hee hee just kidding!

    I’m going back to the beginning and I’m searching and digging up everything!

    We will meet THE MAN!!!!!!! THE LEGEND!!!!!!!



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