If I was famous and I wanted to introduce a double into my life, what would I do?

Well like signatures, the clean, clear, never changing signature is the hard one to forge.  It’s the changing, confusing signatures that are easy to fake.

So I would set a goal of being ever changing.  Obviously this would take some time to accomplish.

I would see if there were people that already looked like me… people who were impersonating me already.  I’d find the one that looked the closest to me.

I would get that person to sign a confidentiality agreement and then I would work to have the two of us look as identical as possible.  I wouldn’t try to morph one into the other but find a common ground between the two of us where I wore some makeup and so did the other person and then we would have a look that we could both achieve to look the same.

Then I would gradually work towards making that look accepted as me.

I would gradually wear more and more makeup.  As long as things are introduced a little bit at a time, it would be more readily accepted as me.  I’d wear a little bit more makeup, maybe change my hairstyle, I would experiment with different eye makeup (to make my eyes angle upwards or downwards) I would contour my cheeks, shade my nose, and perform many illusions with makeup to see how I could make my face look.

In the process people would make comments (boy she looks different, or hmmm she sure is wearing more  makeup) and I’m sure they would speculate as to why (maybe she’s not happy with herself).

Then I would get to the final look…. and I would sit there and have it be accepted as me.

Then I would start switching places with my double here and there, testing the waters to see if my double could pull off the switcheroo.   I remember some friends who were twins doing this… they would switch classes just to see if they could get away with it.  When they found out they could, they did it all the time!

I would monitor what the media was saying about my double… if they picked up any discrepancies… and I would tweak.

Then, when we had fooled everyone, I’d pull the switcheroo!

I’d be free!


~ by lilwendy on November 2, 2009.

One Response to “Doubles”

  1. So… The orange pants and the golden pants guys were just ONE guy = MJ’s double? And that’s why the face seems the same? WOW… (hoping I got it right…)

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