Why did he do it?

Ok after seeing This is It, and doing days of research that is by no means finished, I have come up with a new rudimentary theory that I’m working on and we’ll see how it goes.

I believe MJ is alive and orchestrating everything we are experiencing right now.  Using media and internet in an alternate reality game style, he is leading us through a process that we shouldn’t rush.  We should just follow the yellow brick road and know that he is guiding us to a deeper understanding and awareness of what is going on.  One that he couldn’t just tell us about.  Sometimes those words go in one ear and out the other and doesn’t take root.  But if we experience it for ourselves, it will take root in our hearts and become our hearts song, our mission as well.

I believe he wants us to band together… us his fans.

We all have our unique gifts and abilities and if we bring those all together there is nothing we can’t do.

It does have to do with the state of our world.  MJ was privy to seeing what’s going on because he travels, he’s met the big dogs in the countries he’s been to.  He is seeing things that we are not and he’s very concerned.  What world will we leave for our children?

I believe this is a cry out to us.  He has the vision.  He wants to share it with us.

And this vision must reach the younger generation as well so it will perpetuate into a healthier tomorrow for them and the earth.

So now I am going forward with this and I am on a journey of discovery, awareness, awakening, and I am preparing myself mentally and spiritually for the path I’m heading on.  I may be called to be a leader (not a natural calling of mine LOL) but if that’s the role I must play then so be it.  I may be like Chloe on 24… more behind a laptop and doing research (more my speed haha).  Whatever it is, I’m ready to be God’s glow.

It’s time to shine.


~ by lilwendy on October 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Why did he do it?”

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  2. Why didn’t I read your blog before??? THANK YOU.

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