TMZ Live – Mike’s t-shirts

I saw one t-shirt saying research and I thought… Is he sending messages via his tshirts?  I don’t know however this is what I found.

Between 9/17/09 and 10/28/09 Mike has worn several shirts and cycled them.

The ones with words I can make out:  Research, LRG, Shed Light, and Resolutionary Ideas, Greener Futures.  Hmm interesting messages.

These t-shirts are put out by LRG which stands for Lifted Research Group.

The vision for their company:

“A company designed to overthrow the masses by our influence. Our slogan is simple -underground inventive, overground effective- at l-r-g we want to focus on the ones that are trying to pay their rent with their passions. Think of us as a support group for the independent and underground culture. We’re trying to put the spotlight where we think it really belongs, because it’s much more than clothing and concepts, it is a way of living. L-R-G innovative essence for the above average person.”

And many of the shirts Mike had on simply had logos.  Here are two of the ones I saw Mike wear and their meanings:

The Cycle Logo represents the cycle of growth. It symbolizes the experience of this amazing gift we call life.

The Tree is the result of the roots becoming strong, supporting growth. The Tree is what we’ve become. The tree represents “overground effective.” The Roots are our origin, the beginning of the life of our company. The Roots represent “underground inventive”

I believe we are becoming strong and taking root now… and we will overthrow the masses with our influence… for good and for healing.


~ by lilwendy on October 29, 2009.

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