Confucius Institute Online

Please read my previous posts for this to make sense.

So I clicked on this banner for Confucius Institute Online. Well what I saw initially has now since changed. But I did save the first link I clicked on which was an interesting picture re: magic.

Along the side was a cartoon thing talking about a false alarm. Looked curious. Well it led me to several cartoon things all with a message that can be applied to what we are going through now with MJ.

Here are those lessons in a nutshell: You really have to watch the little videos (each about 2 mins long).

1. Paranoid Illusion – being illusionally paranoid and scaring oneself thinking you are seeing one thing when you are not… it’s just an illusion. (Again the illusion!)

2. Destructive Enthusiasm – Metaphor of the development of things regardless of the law. Ruining something by forcing it’s development or natural course.

3. Find what you want – This is the idiom search for a fine horse according to a picture. When identifying a good horse, follow a stereotypical routine or act dogmatically.

4. Halfway – Analogy to stop doing things halfway, can not persist in the end.
This link has disappeared.

5. N. – A metaphor The experts show off skills in front of metaphor, of himself. A warning against showing off one’s skills in front of an expert. In the story this master poet dies and a tomb is erected in his honor. All these people come and start writing poems on his tomb in hopes of gaining the fame he had. But it is crazy because they did not have his spirit. (Sounds familiar?)

6. Seeing is believing – Analogy everything must go through field investigations in order to make the right conclusion.
Hearing 100 times is not as reliable as seeing once.
Conclusions should be made only after investigations are carried out on the spot

7. Stealing – Refers to doing one thing under the cover of another. OH! Is this what MJ is doing? I believe MJ is teaching us about the state of this world by taking us through the investigation of his “death”.

8. Using vehicular transport – This idiom means to walk leisurely instead of riding a carriage. Implied meaning is to endure hardship involved in anything great, do not seek ease and comfort. If asked to be an official and run, are we ready to do this. Or will we turn and walk away.

9. Baxianguohai – The lesson is that everyone has a unique method or skill to compete with others. I take from this that even though we are all different, we have different skill sets and if we come together we can accomplish something great.

Well that was it for that site… do you see the parallels?


~ by lilwendy on October 29, 2009.

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