Pre Movie Thoughts

I’m going to see the movie in two hours.. yay!!!!!! However, I don’t believe this movie is the end… this is the beginning.  There is more happening and I believe that Jermaine is right when he says that.  It’s beyond the next reality show or appearance the Jacksons will make.  This is legacy building people and those things will die.

We all know Michael.  He has a bigger vision than just paying off debts or being the King of Pop.  He is in the middle of creating a movement.  A paradigm shift.  He needs us.

He’s calling us to be Leaders Of a Volunteer Effort.  We as a world are Losing Our Valuable Energy. We need to Live Our Values Everyday. We need to Learn to Overcome Violence Everywhere.  We must Let Our Vulnerability End and take a stand!.

We have to make that change and not let this whole thing Michael has concocted for us be taken as a wild publicity stunt to make money.

Lets LOVE people into change

We are now OBLIGATED to do something

We must carry on the VISION Michael has

He is behind the curtain and EMPOWERING us to move forward.

Keep Looking.  Keep Observing.  Keep Verifiying and Enjoy the adventure!


~ by lilwendy on October 28, 2009.

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