My Reaction to the Live Red Carpet event for the Premiere

My observations in black… my thoughts/comments in red.

DJ Bizzy (is that MJ?)

Mickey Rooney (is THAT MJ?)

Guy with cigar…. hey wait was that hatman in behind that guy… I need a recording!

Berry Gordy… nope that’s Berry

Timor Stephens – dang he’s cute… MJ is a perfectionist, uplifting, encouraging, humble and genuinely cares for people…. I LOVE MICHAEL!!! Waaaaahhhh!!!!

Katy Perry – RIP… ok rest in peace… yep he’s resting doesn’t mean he’s dead

Martin Lawrence… cute kids

Big Boy lost 300 lbs!? Dang!  Much respect dude!

Jermaine Jackson – he walked away…Me humming in my head… Don’t walk away…See I just can’t find the right thing to say… hey is that a clue? ;-p

David Cook

Background vocalist… 1 of 4 like winning the lottery!  MJ had an energy and a power about him.  Great!  Let’s line up all the impersonators and stand beside them and see which one we get electrocuted by… oh to be electrocuted by MJ… sigh… on another note, was it just me or were there a lot of you tube MJ impersonator clips popping up today..

Dorian – vocal director – working with MJ his vocal are amazing. Dorian’s wife is Shawn Chapman who?… interesting that when Dorian heard MJ was going to hospital he checked with for the news? Odd.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jaime Kennedy – Love the middle name Jenn!

One of the Pussycat Dolls… you know isn’t it interesting that soooo many people are out for the premier and to bear witness to this is it (as Big Boy said numerous times) but they didn’t find the memorial as important to come out to?!

At 523pm Luscious Liz says it’s a really windy night… and with the chandeliers all around it’s like being on the set of a movie or something…. OH IS IT REALLY LIZ… TELL ME MORE!!!!

Big Boy – time with MJ, just to be in his presence not knowing a year later we’d have a situation where he would not be with us.  Uh… a situation… not here with us… clearly not dead!!!! Just GONE.

Daniel (one of the dancers) – MJ had a kid spirit, he’s the LOVE, he’s the LIGHT.  He spread love, positive energy, through dance, music and art.  It’s very easy to reach people’s hearts with love…. LOVE ME MICHAEL!!!!!!!!

Travis Payne – given a glimpse into Michael’s last creative process… see him intimately in the process… this is his greatest stage show ever… this is a legacy piece.

Ok so I believe Michael Jackson the performer is dead.  I believe that part of his life is over. He’s onto a new chapter.  Taking things in a different direction. BUT NOT REALLY DEAD!

Bill Bellamy – I got sidetracked but just heard him say someone was moonwalking around here… who?

Sugar Ray – MJ imprint will be forever.  He was an anomaly.  Yup most geniuses are! 😉

Rodney Jerkins – MJ always wanted to be part of the biggest film of all time.  Sad circumstances but he is now!!! He wanted everything to be perfect for his fans.  He’s working with Janet currently.  LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!

Evan Ross – WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER!!!!!!!?????????

Nia Long – wow with this wind storm it’s like Michael is here.  THRILLER!!!! THRILLER TWOOOOOO!!!!!!! dun dun dun dun dun.  duh dun dun dun dun dun.

Marlon Wayans – excited to see MJ…. where?! where?!… now he’s gone (as in away not dead). We’re seeing MJ on stage for the last time.  Retirement?

Marlon, Tito, Jackie Jackson – we’re here for the fans but Tito may not be able to handle going in.

Flex Alexander and Shanice – great smiles.

Michael Bearden music director

Kenny Ortega at the end…

Music playing Will You Be There… Yes we will MJ till the end!


~ by lilwendy on October 27, 2009.

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