10/27/09 I need help to make sense of all of this….


OK people.  I am anal.  Yes I am part of anal people association of Canada. J

They told me follow the yellow brick road.

I believed the yellow brick road was TMZ.com

So I went back…. waaayyy back…. to the first TMZ.com article tagged with Michael’s name and that’s where I started.

Here’s what I’ve found so far.   I will note down the date, name I found and what TMZ said he/she was and what I found in my search that I thought was odd.

First there are 48 pages of tagged articles with MJ’s name

I only really extracted names from the articles to verify who they were/are.

11/25/05 – Mark Schaffel stated as a former advisor of MJs.

Search: Producer:

1. Michael Jackson’s Private Home Movies (2003) (TV) (producer)

2. The Michael Jackson Interview: The Footage You Were Never Meant to See (2003) (TV) (producer)

Also came up with this site: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Mark+Schaffel (you’ll see why this is strange as we go along but pay attention to the discography names)

And this site: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Mark+%22Mad+Dog%22+Schaffel

1/30/06 Wolfgang Schleiter – music manager, Exec at Sony and friend where MJ hung out in Germany

Search:  Another discogs profile… http://www.discogs.com/artist/Wolfgang+Schleiter with weird discography names.

Said in the article that Speechless was written about his two kids – Anton and Franciska

MJ hung out with Anton aged 20 and Anton used to wear his hair like Jackson and dress like Jackson.  WHAT!!!??

Search for Anton Schleiter:  after going through numerous Google pages I came across this one.


Well this totally stood out for me because there is that picture of “Michael” and Kenny Ortega behind a camera.  http://cm1.theinsider.com/media/0/480/36/michael-jackson-r2camera.0.0.0×0.600×399.jpeg It said it was a Red camera.  When I looked up Red camera the “Red” logo is actually black so they lightened it in the picture so we could read it.   http://www.red.com/cameras/ Anton Schleiter is on a forum of users of RED cameras.

The picture that comes up of Anton does not look like Michael however there are some similarities like the cleft chin.  http://www.seitenblicke.at/uploads/tx_userstblartikel/teaser_64b736.jpg

There is one MJ that I always thought had way more of an overbite that the real MJ.  This guy has a noticeable overbite.

Here is the article but it’s in German


Lastly while looking up Anton’s name, I came across these sites,  http://mjjtimeline.blogspot.com/ and http://mjjtimeline.over-blog.com/

that is a complete timeline of MJ’s life including ancestry….  And a complete list of people invited to the memorial…

The guest list includes among others :

Katherine Jackson, Joe Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket) Rebbie Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, LaToya Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Randy Jackson, Janet Jackson, Austin Brown, Stacee Brown Salas, Rex Salas, London Blue Salas, Yashi Brown, Nathaniel Brown, Siggy Jackson, Brandi Jackson, Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson, TJ Jackson, Royal Jackson, Jermaine Jackson II, Autumn Jackson, Jaimy Jackson, Jeremy Jackson, Jourdynn Jackson, Donte Jackson, Jaafar Jackson, Jermajesty Jackson, Brittny Jackson, Valencia Jackson, Marlon Jackson Jr, Genevieve Jackson, Steveanna Jackson, Randy Jackson Jr, Levon Jackson, Elijah Jackson, Rijo Jackson, Simone Jackson, Michelle Jackson, Antony Jackson, Brent Jackson, Jeffré Philips, Frank Dileo, Grace Rwaramba, Omer Bhatti, Dominic Cascio, Connie Cascio, Dominic Cascio Jr, Frank Cascio, Eddie Cascio, Marie Nicole Cascio, Aldo Cascio, Anton Schleiter, Francescka Schleiter, Miko Brando, Karen Brando, Shane Brando, Prudence Brando, Mark Lester, Todd Bridges, Corey Feldman, Chris Tucker, Evvy Tavasci, Smokey Robinson, Queen Latifah, Usher; Kobe Bryant, Jesse Jackson, Mariah Carey, Andrae Crouch Choir, Berry Gordy, Jennifer Hudson, Shaheen Jafargholi, Magic Johnson, Martin Luther King III, Bernice A. King, John Mayer, Lionel Richie, Rev. Al Sharpton, Brooke Shields, Pastor Lucious Smith, Stevie Wonder, Wesley Snipes, Kim Porter, Nicole Richie,Spike Lee,, Louis Farrakhan, Ja’net Dubois, Eddie Holland, Freda Payne, David Gest, Joe Frazier, Sean, Diddy” Combs, Don King, Martin Bander, Tommy Mottola, Mickey Rooney, Dionne Warwick, Levar Burton, Telma Hopkins, Lou Ferrigno, Mike Tyson, John Landis, Wayne Nagin, Mike Lapperuque, Anil Kapoor, Shana Mangatal, Evan Ross, Riley Keough, Chris Brown, The Kardashians, Debbie Allen, Brian Oxman, Raymone Bain, Tohme Tohme Lil Kim, Brett Ratner, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Akon, Suzanne DePasse, Nathan East, Paulinho DaCosta.Basheer, Michael Amir, Faheem, the This Is It Team (Michael Bearden, Alfred Dunbar, Roger Bashiri Johnson, Jonathan Moffett, Thomas Organ, Orianthi Panagaris, and Morris Pleasure,Judith Hill, Dorian Holley, Darryl Phinnesse,Kenneth Stacey; Kenny Ortega, Travis Payne, Anthony Testa, Stacey Walker; Karen Faye Heinze, Michael Bush, Nicholas Bass, Daniel Celebre, Mekia Cox, Christopher Grant, Misha Hamilton, Shannon Holtzapffel, Devin Jamieson, Charles Klapow, Ricardo Reid, Danielle Rueda Watts, Tyne Stecklein, and Timor Steffens)

Anyway, moving on from this guy who I believe is MJ#2 (MJ#1 is the real deal)

1/31/06 Stephen M. Lachs – retired judge used by MJ and Debbie

Search:  Was interviewed about the recent balloon boy episode… hmmm a connection?


7/10/06 MJ deposition from 2006 states in it that “Michael Jackson has figured out a way to create his own reality” hmmm this is an interesting statement since it seems now that this is what he has done!

11/13/06 The title of the article is (A)live and Uncut – the minute I saw this I said to myself – OMG!  Michael has duped us all along and he is coming back after the two week stint of This is It on 11/13/09 which happens to be FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!!!!!!!  He will declare he is alive and uncut (not as much plastic surgery as we thought!)

11/16/06 MJ gets Diamond Award and sang we are the world badly – is this a clue that it’s not the real MJ?

3/9/07 MJ in Japan… says he sang feebly – another clue that it’s not MJ?

That’s as far as I got.   But I wanted to go back to the www.discogs.com site as I found the discography’s interesting… almost like a message.

I looked up Michael Jackson http://www.discogs.com/artist/Michael+Jackson and it said his alias is W.A. Mozart… http://www.discogs.com/artist/W.A.+Mozart

This site is fishy and I don’t think I’m finished with this one… something tells me there is more to it then meets the eye.

Then it provides this blog as a link.  http://personalityspirituality.wordpress.com/2009/06/29/michael-jackson-the-reincarnation-of-mozart/

Clearly this is mocking the analyses we’ve been doing and showing us that you can find correlations between many faces…. what the heck does this mean??

Also check out the index of topics… do you see many of the things we have mentioned? 7s, all you need is LOVE.

You thought it was weird now?  I think the rabbit hole may be deeper than we think.


~ by lilwendy on October 27, 2009.

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